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Most Euphoric Strains With Powerful Uplifting and Cerebral Effects

June 23, 2023
most euphoric weed strains

What’s the best way to unwind after a tiring day? Some claim that taking a toke or two of the most euphoric strains of marijuana does the trick

Whether you’re looking to kick off the weekend in high spirits or want to release tension after a tough experience at work, certain cultivars are ideal. 

How do you know which cannabis strains offer the blissful sensations you’re after?

Keep reading to find out. 

Most euphoric strains: Top 10 you must try

We’ve selected THC-rich cannabis strains based on their powerful euphoric effects. Dive right in and discover the top ten picks

1. Blue Dream

Stemming from an impressive lineage of indica and sativa strains, Blue Dream is the first choice for many tokers. This hybrid is the offspring of Blueberry and Haze and offers balanced effects that attract the attention of both medical and recreational users. 

Blue Dream feminized is one of the most euphoric sativa strains. The cultivar typically offers 17–24% THC, but the average is 20%. It’s sativa-leaning and grows quite tall. 

The strain exudes delightful fruity scents that draw you in and make you excitedly anticipate getting a taste. The dominant flavors are sweet berries with tropical undertones and hints of vanilla. 

The effects are blissful and energizing, inducing a euphoria that lasts longer than an hour in most cases. The uplifting sensations leave you feeling relaxed and upbeat with mental clarity and focus.

Blue Dream Feminized
Blue Dream Feminized

2. Lavender

This sweet-scented cultivar comes from a lineage of popular indica strains. Its genetics are diverse and intriguing. The parents include Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, Afghani, and Hawaiian. 

Lavender is ranked among the most euphoric indica strains. All it takes is one puff to get the buzz going. Initially, you’re hit with a wave of powerful euphoria that washes away any negative thoughts. You feel uplifted and positive. 

After a while, a warm, comforting sensation makes its way down the back of your neck to the rest of your body. This is your signal to get some snacks as the munchies are about to set in. Soon your limbs feel lazy and couch-lock sets in

Lavender feminized offers tokers a delicious aromatic profile and tastes of lavender and wood with sweet and spicy undertones. 

Lavender feminized buds

3. Alien Gorilla Glue

If high THC is important to you when selecting the most euphoric cannabis strains, Alien Gorilla Glue should top your list. The cultivar is sticky, rich in terpenes, and brings on a psychedelic experience. 

It’s a hybrid that leans more towards indica and descends from parents Alien Technology and Gorilla Glue #4. The CBD levels are negligible, averaging around 0.7%, and the THC content is roughly 18%.

This delectable strain smells like a forest after freshly fallen rain. It exudes fragrances of sweet pine, wood, and earth. The effects are powerful, and the strain is best suited to nighttime use.

Alien Gorilla Glue feminized whisks you away on a cloud of euphoria for several hours. You experience psychedelia that removes any negative feelings while changing the way you perceive your environment.

When this part of the high settles, intense couch-lock ensues as you relax from head to toe. After a while, you drift off to peaceful slumber. 

4. MK Ultra

The offspring of G13, OG Kush, and another secret strain, MK Ultra feminized is one of the most euphoric marijuana strains. The hybrid is indica-dominant and offers tokers 17–20% THC and around 0.4% CBD. 

The flavors are intriguing and feature a blend of flowers, pine, and earth. Some tokers also report hints of wood. It only takes one or two puffs from this powerful strain to set your mind ablaze with euphoria. 

The buzz starts cerebrally and you instantly feel as if you’re in a dreamlike, psychoactive state. Any heavy negative emotions fade and positivity engulfs you as the intense effect of the strain takes hold. 

After a while, the potent sensations affect you physically, soothing tense muscles and loosening your limbs. A case of the munchies may hit right before body-numbing couch-lock ensues.

MK Ultra feminized Bud
MK Ultra feminized Bud

5. LA Confidential

LA Confidential feminized is one of the most happy, euphoric cannabis strains. It’s the offspring of OG LA Affie and Afghani. The hybrid is potent and buds typically contain up to 23% THC. The CBD levels are low and average roughly 0.5%. 

The cultivar is a favorite among medicinal users for anxiety and inflammation. Recreational tokers select it for the mind-blowing experience it induces. 

After one or two puffs, you feel a swift punch that knocks away any sad emotions and leaves you feeling on top of the world. The uplifting mental sensations are followed by relaxed numbness and couch-lock. 

6. Amnesia Haze

If you’re looking for one of the most euphoric weed strains to help you forget your troubles, try Amnesia Haze feminized. The cultivar descends from a lineage of exotic parents. These include Haze, Thai, Afghani, Hawaiian, Jamaican, South Asian Indica, and Cambodian.

It’s a hybrid with sativa-leaning traits and a rich terpene profile. The strain contains up to 22% THC and 0.7% CBD. Buds exude citrus scents, and the flavor profile includes flowers, lemon, and wood with subtle spice notes. 

The cultivar is ideal for a midday pick-me-up as the intense euphoria comes with a creative energy boost. This strain pairs well with a variety of activities, and you may feel more sociable than usual.

Your perception of color and sound changes, and some tokers report that the experience is hallucinogenic. 

Amnesia Haze feminized
Amnesia Haze feminized

7. Death Star

Death Star feminized comes from the marriage of Sour Diesel and Sensi Star. It’s an indica-dominant cultivar and among strains for euphoria. Buds offer around 19% THC and 0.4% CBD. 

It’s a fragrant cultivar, and the flavors are a mixture of diesel and skunk with sweet notes that come through on the exhale. The strain effects kick in after about 15 minutes. 

Euphoria engulfs you as a hazy high ensues. The cultivar encourages creativity and uplifting sensations. Once the cerebral feelings fade, the physical aspect comes into play. Your muscles relax, and your body feels lazy.

8. Purple Haze (Purple Gelato)

Purple Haze Feminized is high on the list of the most euphoric strains of weed. The cultivar is the love child of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. 

This cultivar is mostly indica and has a THC level of 22%. The effects are strong and take only a couple of tokes to improve your mood. The buzz is energizing and balanced, sparking inspiration that pairs well with creative tasks.

Your troubles disappear as the blissful sensations take over your body and mind. You may feel giddy and giggly. After a while, your body starts unwinding and you may feel peckish. This is your signal to get some snacks and settle in a cozy spot for the rest of the evening.

Purple Haze feminized
Purple Haze feminized

9. Master Kush

Master Kush feminized is the offspring of Skunk #1 and Hindu Kush and a popular strain with euphoric effects. It’s an indica-dominant hybrid, and each bud contains up to 22% THC. The CBD levels are negligible and average 0.6%.

The flavor profile is a mix of diesel, earth, pepper, and pine. The effects are intensely euphoric and uplifting. All gloomy thoughts disappear and so does the tension in your muscles. Happy feelings last for over an hour before the physical part of the high hits.

Master Kush rarely induces couch-lock, but your limbs soften, making you feel lazy. 

10. Afghan

Descended from an Afghani landrace, Afghan feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid and one of the most euphoric strains ideal for nighttime use. The buds offer 20% THC and 0.2% CBD. It’s aromatic and tastes of sweet flowers, earth, and wood. It also has soft spice notes.

Blissful euphoria occurs shortly after you take a toke, and giggle fits may ensue. After a while, a warm feeling creeps throughout your body, removing stress and helping you unwind. Couch-lock happens shortly after, followed by a peaceful sleep. 

Afghan Kush
Afghan Kush

Most euphoric cannabis strains: Powerful euphoria 

Do you want to experience powerful euphoria and upliftment? Choose from this list of the ten most mentally stimulating cannabis strains and enjoy unparalleled cerebral effects.

Grow your own potent buds at home with our range of high-quality marijuana seeds. Browse our store to find the most euphoric cultivars mentioned above as well as a variety of other options to suit all preferences.

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