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The Best T5 Grow Lights for Indoor Cannabis Growing

August 31, 2021

One thing that all cannabis growers will agree on is that they all strive for the optimum harvest. To get the best results, you need the perfect environment. T5 grow lights are robust and offer elite performance to enhance your indoor garden's growth

If you're looking for a suitable option to aid your growing operation, we've got some excellent choices below. 

Today, we'll show you the best T5 grow lights around and answer some FAQs to help you make the right decision, such as:

  • What are T5 grow lights?
  • What are the best T5 grow lights?
  • Are T5 lights suitable for growing?
  • Do T5 grow lights work?

Let's get started!

Everything you need to know about indoor grow lights

Now you know a little more about cultivating marijuana indoors, let's take you through everything there is to know about indoor grow lights and why T5's are a superb choice

We'll begin by letting you in on the best T5 grow light bulbs on the market for every kind of budget and preference. 

Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24 (best overall)

First on our list is the Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24 that we believe is the best overall option. It's perfect for any growing environment and delivers on so many levels.

T5 Light Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24
Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24


The available sizes differ, from two to twelve tubes, and the powder-coated steel housing makes for a low profile. The light weighs 11.6 pounds and measures 23 x 13.5 x 3 inches.


Notable features on our best overall T5 light include:

  • Daisy chainable, so you can run any number of fixtures from one outlet
  • Hangable 3 ways to suit your growing environment - overhead, vertical, and horizontal 
  • Rated up to 18,800 lumens


Prices online for the Hydrofarm Agrobrite FLT24 start at around $85.

Durolux T5 DL844 (best budget choice)

Best budget choice doesn't mean it's less effective, which the Durolux T5 Dl844 demonstrates well. You can enjoy up to 50,000 hours of life and save a lot on your energy bill.

Durolux T5 DL844 Lights
Durolux T5 DL844 Lights


These grow lights are excellent for growing weed and are light at 12 pounds. The product measures 46 x 12 x 4 inches and is 100% aluminum, making it lightweight.


 This T5 grow light offers some excellent features, such as:

  • Daisy chainable
  • Possibility to interchange LED and T5 fluorescent grow lights
  • 2 switched control light levels


The cost of the Durolux T5 Dl844 starts at around $106.

Prism Lighting Science 4'4 (best high-end)

Next up is our best high-end T5 grow light, the Prism Lighting Science 4'4. This model is excellent for small gardens and produces up to 20,000 lumens with low heat and high efficiency

Prism Lighting Science 4'4
Prism Lighting Science 4'4


This quality light weighs 19 pounds and measures 46.8 X 13.1 X 2.3 inches. The Prism Lighting Science 4'4 can cover a 4' x 3' area at any stage of your plant's life. 


This T5 grow light provides the buyer with some excellent features, including:

  • Daisy chainable (up to 3 light fixtures)
  • Powder-coated steel housing
  • 95% high reflectivity aluminum reflector


This product comes in a little pricier at around $150.

Hydro Plant 4x4 HO T5 (best all-round alternative)

The Hydro Plant 4x4 HO T5 is our best all-round alternative that works well for all types of growing environments and has the energy to produce some excellent yields with its fluorescent solid lighting system.

Hydro Plant 4x4 HO T5
Hydro Plant 4x4 HO T5


This T5 grow lamp is a little heavier at 22.5 pounds, measures 40 x 4 x 20 inches, and is aluminum.   


Noteworthy features of this product are:

  • 95% reflective aluminum reflectors
  • Powder-coated housing
  • Daisy-chainable and can hang horizontally or vertically


You can find the Hydro Plant 4x4 HO T5 for an economical price of $80 online.

Prism Lighting 4x8 Bulb T5 (best for big grows)

If you're hoping to grow some massive yields, then the Prism Lighting 4x8 Bulb T5 is an excellent choice. This option boasts eight fluorescent bulbs and can cover up to a 4' x 5' area.

Prism Lighting 4x8 Bulb T5
Prism Lighting 4x8 Bulb T5


This grow light weighs 29 pounds and measures 46.8 X 24.2 X 2.3 inches. The model is super efficient while using low energy.  


This large lamp comes with excellent features, such as:

  • Detachable cords to customize voltage and cable length
  • 95% high reflectivity aluminum reflector
  • Daisy chainable (up to 3 light fixtures)


This light is a little pricier due to the eight bulbs and sells at $260.

Vivosun 4x8 Lamp HO T5 (large alternative)

Our best large alternative for bigger yields is the Vivosun 4x8 Lamp HO T5. This light is economical, and each bulb lasts 20,000 hours while producing 5,000 lumens each.

Vivosun 4x8 Lamp HO T5
Vivosun 4x8 Lamp HO T5


This T5 grow lamp measures 49.61 x 30.31 x 3.15 inches and weighs 26.3 pounds. It's lightweight thanks to the aluminum body and boasts high-output fluorescent tubes.


Some of the best features of this model are:

  • Ultra-reflective surface to deliver lots of light
  • Two on/off switches, giving you more control
  • Aluminum with powder-coated housing


This option is a more economical eight-bulb grow light at $175.

Ipower 4 foot T5 (best system with stand - good seed starter)

Last but not least is this T5 grow light with a stand, which is perfect for those of you who are just looking to get your seeds off to a great start in life.

Ipower 4 foot T5
Ipower 4 foot T5


This lamp is a super lightweight product weighing in at just 7 pounds and measuring 54 x 7 x 3 inches. The grow light is excellent for small spaces and a great energy saver.


This grow light with stand boasts some great features, like:

  • Raise and lower the light with a rope mechanism
  • Internal reflective finish to direct more light onto your plants
  • Help make seedlings grow faster


You can expect to pay around $90 for this grow lamp.

Types of T5 lights

There are two types of T5 grow lights available, which we take a closer look at below. 


T5 fluorescent grow lights are great for those shopping on a budget as the initial costs are low. Bear in mind that over time, they'll require more maintenance than LEDs.

If you're hoping to grow a large plant, this option puts out more lumens and will produce better results. You can place the bulbs close to your weed to drive growth.

The energy costs are high, though, and you'll need to replace the lights more often


T5 LED grow lights are the greenest option and will save you a lot of energy compared to other types. LEDs are the best T5 grow lights for the environment, and you'll get your money's worth in as little as nine months. 

This choice also gives you a better light spectrum. LEDs often cost more to begin with, but in the long run, they are more cost-efficient

Keep in mind that if you want to grow larger plants, these lights often lack the potency to do the job efficiently.

Prism Lighting Science_2

Differences between T5, T8, and T12 indoor cannabis grow lights

When shopping for your T5 grow lamp fixture, you'll also come across the names T8 and T12. 

What's the difference? 

The size is one factor that sets the lights apart. The 'T' in the names means tubular, and the number relates to the diameter. A T5 is five-eighths of an inch, a T8 is one inch (eight eighths), and a T12 is one and a half inches (twelve eighths).

T12's are older generation bulbs that create light through electromagnetic induction, which isn't as efficient as the T5 or T8. Newer models use electronic-based circuits to generate energy.

Another aspect that sets T5s apart from the rest is that they contain as much if not more energy despite being smaller

T5 fluorescent grow lights might cost more, but they last longer and require less maintenance. Over time, you'll save more money than with a T8 or T12.

How do T5 Grow Lights compare to other types of lighting

There are many choices when it comes to choosing your cannabis lighting, which means other types exist. Below, we compare T5 horticulture lights with different styles.

T5 vs. HPS

If you're looking to yield a lot of weed, HPS lights are an excellent option. They can sit high and further away from your leaves while producing a lot of light.

T5s will save you much more energy and are a better option if you're growing fewer crops or are cultivating cannabis in a smaller space.

T5 vs. HID

HID growing lights produce a lot more heat than T5s and require more cooling down. These lights work better for large yields, especially during the flowering stage

Again, T5s are better for small areas and don't require as much energy

Hanging HID Lights
HID Lights

T5 vs. LEDs

When comparing T5s and LEDs, the former uses older technology, which means we get more predictable results and know they're trusted and reliable

There are many different types of bulbs available, so it's easy to set up the lighting according to your grow room needs.

The main benefit of LEDs is their efficacy. The design also tends to be sleeker, but they often lack the potency to grow large plants

Cannabis plant under LED Lights
Cannabis plant under LED Lights

What are the Best T5 Grow Lights?

The best T5 grow lights depend on your specific needs. Use our product descriptions above to decide whether a budget choice or a high-end option is what you're looking to buy.

Take into consideration the features they all provide and compare them to other types of grow lights on the market. 

Grow light features to look out for

When you read product descriptions for different T5 grow lights, there are a few features to look out for and compare. Here are the top aspects to keep an eye on.


Consider your grow room size and the yield you expect, which tells you which grow lights to invest in and how many.

T5s are small, whereas T8s and T12s are quite a bit larger. With most models, you can buy many sets and create a daisy chain effect depending on your space.

Bulb temperature

The color temperature of your T5 grow light bulbs depends on the growth stage of your plants. During vegetative growth, opt for bulbs in the blue range (5,000 - 7,000K), and flowering go for the red spectrum (3,500 - 4,500K).

Reflector style

If you opt for T5s or any other tubular lighting, you'll need reflectors. These are hoods to place above and around the bulbs to project more light onto your cannabis

There are a lot of different styles available, including gull hood and air-cooled reflectors. The latter is an excellent solution to heat build-up issues.

Extra features

With many products, you'll get a few extras as part of the 'kit' or 'package.' If you're only looking for bulbs, you might not need extra features. If you're just starting, the more additional features, the better to add to your growing tool kit.

Do T5 Grow Lights work? Well, here are some things to consider before you buy

In general, T5 grow lamps work very well when set up correctly. There are a few things you need to consider before purchasing them, though. 

We've done the hard work, so you don't have to. We've put together a few factors to keep in mind while shopping. 

The size of your grow room or area

Each type of grow light requires you to set them up a certain distance from your plants. Luckily, T5s need to be between 2-4 inches from your leaves, which is less than all other options. This factor makes them perfect for small spaces and micro grow setups

Don't put your T5 grow lights any closer to your weed than recommended, or your yield will be affected and come out much smaller than expected. 

Grow Tent Setup Inside a Garage
Grow Tent Setup Inside a Garage

Your budget

One of the most important factors before buying any product is your budget. Make a note of how much you can afford before you start searching, and be sure not to go over it

Keep in mind the long-term costs, too. T5s can be costly, but they'll save you in the long run and require little maintenance.

Your existing lights - If you have any!

Perhaps you already own growing lights and are looking to add more to your room. Consider what models you already have and whether they work well. If not, you might want to consider changing them all out for T5s. 

Other growers like to change the lighting throughout the plant's life and change the crops' distance. Decide when you'd use the T5s and how they'll change things compared to what you already own

The color temperature of the bulbs

When searching for the perfect lighting, you'll need to check the color temperature, as some are better for growing plants than others. 

Red is excellent during the flowering stage, and blue for the vegetative stage. Opt for lights with a PAR spectrum of 400nm - 700nm that emphasize blue and red wavelengths. 

The manufacturer 

Many suppliers offer T5 grow lights, and they might all look the same at first glance. Take your time to research the manufacturers and read customer reviews from others who've bought them. 

Reputable brands will cost more, but for a reason. These companies tend to be more reliable, offer higher-quality products, and provide excellent customer service.

What you are growing

If you're planning on growing a significant yield and have a massive grow room, you'll find it more challenging to get excellent results with a T5

When you're growing one plant or a smaller yield, T5s are an excellent option. You can place these grow lights close to your plant, and they're much smaller than most other options.

Growing cannabis seeds for selection

If you're looking for seeds to grow in a small space while using a T5 grow light fixture, you should select ones that won't produce a huge plant carefully. Royal Dwarf is an excellent choice that you can keep to 40cm in height.

Grow light accessories to consider

For many readers, we're sure you're setting out on your growing journey and need a lot more than the T5s. Other experts always like to expand their tool kit with accessories, so look out for added extras with their purchase.

Whether your T5s are part of a kit or not, here are potential additions you should consider.

  • Ballast: All grow light systems need a ballast to regulate the power supply. Some models come with this fixture already incorporated into the unit, whereas you'll need to purchase one separately for others.
  • Grow Tent: If you splash out on top-quality T5s, it might include a grow tent. If not, this is an accessory you should consider to provide the perfect environment for your precious weed.
  • Ducting/Clamps: You'll need to seal your tent correctly and secure all wiring. Investing in these products will ensure light cables stay out of the way and don't pose a risk. 
  • Fans: Proper airflow is essential to your plant's growth. Depending on where you live and the climate, invest in fans or filters to better manage the temperature and air quality. 

Buy your T5 Grow Lights today and begin the indoor cannabis journey

Now you know all there is to know about T5 grow lights, it's time to shop our range of products and start your cannabis garden indoors.

Remember, have fun and reap the rewards at the end!

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