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White Widow Strain

White Widow Strain Information & Review

White Widow strain is one of the most popular across the globe. If you’re a fan of stoner movies, you’ll know that Cheech and Chong, Harold and Kumar, and even Cannabis Kid can’t wait to get their hands on some delicious White Widow. This strain has got the kind of pedigree others can only dream about. 

Its Brazilian and Indian roots produce a resin-rich hybrid that leaves you relaxed and energized all at the same time. This revolutionary plant has left many connoisseurs in awe of its delicious taste, sweet aromas, and unique effects. It’s one of the best-known cannabis strains on the planet for a reason. 

Ready to find out more? Let’s begin our White Widow strain review.

White Widow strain (aka WW, Widow, White Rhino)

The White Widow strain won the Cannabis Cup in 1995 and continues to compete with newly produced alternatives worldwide. Here we see why. 

White Widow Strain Information

White Widow strain description

Green Seeds developed the White Widow cannabis strain in the Netherlands in 1990. 

White Widow boasts a perfect blend of indica and sativa, leaving the user calmly energized. 

The White Widow marijuana strain is covered in white crystals as the name suggests, and a hit of this beauty will turn you from a couch potato to a motivated socialite in minutes. No wonder all our favorite pothead movie stars rave about it. 

This wonder-hybrid acts as an antidepressant, anti-anxiety and relieves chronic pain with her happy, relaxing effects.

A trichome-rich beauty, she’ll leave you in awe of her effects, tastes, and aromas. Once you get a hit of her magic, you'll never wanna look back! 

White Widow strain grow information

Thanks to all the hype surrounding the White Widow weed strain, you might think it's challenging to produce. The good news is, it's perfectly manageable and grows well indoors and outdoors. White Widow is also ideal for beginners. 

When grown outdoors, expect a tall White Widow plant to reach up to 90 inches. Outside plants have a typical yield of 21-25 ounces per plant.

Indoor-grown girls tend to be half the height and yield approximately 20-24 ounces per plant. 

No matter where you choose to grow, you can expect a 9-week White Widow strain flowering time and an overwhelming trichome production. Handle your buds with care, otherwise, you'll waste their precious resin. 

Are your fingers itching to start growing? Follow these tips to ensure success.

White Widow Regular
White Widow Regular

White Widow Grow Tips

  • Begin her lifecycle indoors. For the best growth, it’s recommended to germinate and start growing White Widow indoors in a controlled environment.
  • The Screen of Green (SCROG) method has proven most effective for training White Widow. Develop the canopy throughout the vegatative stage and prune underneath for the first two weeks of flowering for the best results.
  • Invest in a digital thermometer. White Widow has been shown to grow best between 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. This strain won’t do well in the heat, so don’t push it. 
  • Use the paper towel germination method. White Widow has proven to germinate best in a paper towel that’s kept moist in a zip lock bag. Straight into your chosen medium isn’t the best way to go.
  • The pistils must be an amber color before harvest. White Widow buds are ready at this time; don’t risk bud rot by harvesting too early or too late. 
White Widow Auto - Late Flowering Stage
White Widow Auto - Late Flowering Stage

White Widow Strain genetics 

A much sought-after cannabis gem, the White Widow strain was created in the 1990s. This beast came to life through careful selection and quickly became a staple in Amsterdam coffee shops thanks to its stunning cerebral effects.

You won’t find many seasoned smokers without a love for this dense, crystal covered classic. 

Bred in the Netherlands, the original strain surfaced from a mixture of a Brazilian sativa landrace and an Indian indica, producing a 50/50 product for a high like no other. This beauty is well known for its crystalized resin and one of a kind effects. 

What was mixed to compile such a special lady?

White Widow Strain Genetics

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White Widow strain: Frequently asked questions

Are you itching to know more about the sensational White Widow strain? Get comprehensive answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this superstar hybrid right here:

Is White Widow an indica or sativa?

White Widow is a perfectly balanced marijuana hybrid with a 50/50 mix of indica and sativa genetics. This world-renowned cannabis cultivar was created by Dutch breeders during the early 1990s, quickly earning itself top-tier status in the 420 community.

The White Widow weed strain is a cross between two legendary landraces: Brazilian sativa x South Indian indica. Specifically bred for high resin content, its unique characteristics quickly won it the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1995, along with numerous other awards.

Is White Widow a high-yielding strain?

When grown in a controlled environment, the White Widow easily ranks as one of the highest yielding cultivars on the market. On average, it produces around 16 oz./m² of indoor buds, while outdoor cultivators can collect up to 24 oz. per plant.

How does the White Widow strain make you feel?

Thanks to its perfectly balanced genetics, the White Widow marijuana strain promises a hard-hitting combination of mind and body effects. Although these sensations are powerful, they aren’t overwhelming—provided you smoke in moderation.

Expect an intense cerebral buzz that invokes euphoria, energy, creativity, motivation, and inspiration. A calm physical feeling accompanies these psychoactive effects, helping you stay relaxed, mellow, and comfortable.

How much does the White Widow strain cost?

The price of the White Widow strain ranges from $150 to $200 for an ounce of flower at a state-approved cannabis dispensary.

If you want to stretch your money, why not buy some marijuana seeds and grow them at home? Choose from autoflower, regular, and feminized White Widow seeds from as little as $9 and cultivate generous yields of THC-rich buds.

What are the effects of the White Widow strain?

The White Widow cannabis delivers powerful, quick-acting, long-lasting effects that work magic on your mind and body. After a few tokes, the psychedelic sensations attune you to your surroundings, enlivening your senses with new sounds, smells, and textures.

A wave of upliftment boosts your mood and fills you with productive, creative, and motivating energy. The physical effects don’t go unnoticed, as a calm, relaxing, and soothing sensation creates a warm and comforting feeling in your body.

Reach for the White Widow strain to complete mundane tasks, engage in complex problem-solving, or unleash your inner artist. Bask in its invigorating cerebral buzz while a mellow body stone envelops your limbs.

How tall does the White Widow strain grow?

White Widow plants can reach up to six feet outdoors—and it’s not uncommon for them to get even taller. Indoor-grown crops are shorter and usually stretch to around three feet. Expect a relatively bushy appearance with dense foliage.

Is White Widow a strong strain?

The White Widow strain THC levels regularly clock in at 18–25%, making it one of the most powerful cultivars in the world. It delivers a heavy dose of psychedelic effects that guarantee a whirlwind of refreshing, uplifting, and stimulating sensations. 

Is the White Widow strain easy to grow?

Whether you’re a first-time grower or a seasoned professional, the White Widow strain is a joy to cultivate. These plants are resilient, high-yielding, and easy to manage. They thrive in soil and hydroponic setups, producing excellent results indoors and outside.

For best results in a controlled environment, incorporate the Screen of Green technique to ensure every branch gets adequate exposure to light and air. Consider topping your crops to keep the height in check.

If you decide to grow al fresco, pick a warm and sunny location with a Mediterranean climate. Regular trims and a watchful eye can prevent mold and mildew as these plants get dense. The White Widow strain flowering time is 8–9 weeks, with harvest time occurring during mid-October for growers in the Northern Hemisphere.

Is the White Widow strain exotic?

With two original cannabis cultivars from South America and Asia as parents, this strain is as exotic as they come. The White Widow strain genetics consist of a Brazilian sativa landrace crossed with a South Indian indica.

Is White Widow a top-shelf strain?

There’s no doubt that White Widow is one of the most popular cultivars on the planet. Every stoner worth their salt knows about this illustrious strain—and if they don’t, you definitely shouldn’t trust their expertise.

A must try

The White Widow strain has maintained its popularity over the last two decades for being a one-of-a-kind high enjoyed by smokers at all levels. 

The unbelievable trichome and resin production combined with the ideal blend of indica and sativa has left its users blown away over and over again. If you’re looking for a motivated, chatty high, this lady is definitely for you.

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About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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