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12 Prettiest Colorful Weed Strains For a Vibrant Experience

June 21, 2023
colorful weed strains

Have you seen the different types of colorful weed strains? Weed buds display more than the iconic green hue. Some have purple, blue, and even pink shades.

What causes the different colors? Many factors are responsible for the buds’ appearance, from genetics to environmental conditions.

Find out more about these vibrant variants and discover the 12 prettiest marijuana strains on the market. Get in-depth information on the primary cause of different hues on marijuana buds.

Let’s dive in.

What causes the colors of marijuana?

The primary cause for colorful strains are water-soluble pigments called anthocyanins. These compounds produce red, blue, or purple hues in plants, specifically the flowers.

Here’s a list of the main types of anthocyanins and their influence on the colors of weed plants:

  • Cyanidin: Reddish purple, magenta-like pigments typically found in berries.
  • Delphinidin: Blue-reddish hues.
  • Pelargonidin: Red or orange colors, primarily found in flowers.
  • Peonidin: Vibrant magenta pigments.
  • Malvidin: Purple hues, found in blue-ish buds.
  • Petunidin: Violet or dark red colors, found in berries and petals.

Different pH levels also cause colorful marijuana strains:

  • Acidic (6.5 and under): Red shows up the most.
  • Neutral (between 6.5–7.5): Purple hues decorate the buds.
  • Alkaline (7.5 and over): Blue is the prominent pigment.

A mixture of these different factors can result in a rainbow-like appearance on your cannabis buds. Some flowers have a blend of orange and green or violet and blue, depending on the conditions and genetics.

orange hairs on weed

Typical colors of weed plants

Orange strains often have matching citrus flavors and aromas. There are some reddish strains, and there’s even a bizarre category of black cannabis, which is generally just dark purple, appearing ebony.

Other crazy-colored cultivars include blue weed, neon green, purple, cream, yellow, and white-colored strains. Along with bright hues, brown weed is also a possibility. However, if you notice your nugs turning brown, checking for mold and disease is imperative.

Purple weed strains
Purple weed

12 most colorful weed strains 

Now that we’ve clued you up on what causes different colors, what are the most beautiful weed strains? We’ve summarized the 12 most colorful cultivars with gorgeous rainbow-colored buds below.

1. Jedi Cookies

The force awakens with the rainbow-hued Jedi Cookies feminized. With potent parent strains, Girl Scout Cookies x Skywalker OG, it’s no doubt that this cultivar is nothing to be messed with.

Jedi Cookies produces dazzling green buds with bright pink hairs. It’s known by many as one of the prettiest strains of weed on the market.

The nugs have mouthwatering berry and citrus flavors with sweet pine fragrances. The dominant terpene, caryophyllene, adds pungent earthy scents.

Besides the hues and aromas, Jedi Cookies nugs have classic hybrid effects. When consumed, this strain produces calming, creative, and energetic sensations. With the best of both worlds, Jedi Cookies brings euphoria and relaxation.

This colorful cultivar is well-known in the 420 community for its potential medicinal benefits. You may find the relaxing sensations eradicate any feelings of anxiety or stress. The uplifting effects might help you forget all about your worrisome thoughts.

2. Banana Kush

BANANA KUSH Early Flower Stage
Banana Kush

Banana Kush feminized is a gorgeous cannabis cultivar. Its parent strains, Ghost OG x Skunk Haze, hand down potent indica genetics.

The buds are a bright neon green, with attractive orange pistils. Its hues make it eye-catching, and it’s undoubtedly a crazy-looking weed strain (in a good way).

This strain’s flowers have a tropical fragrance with banana and skunk undertones. It has sweet, earthy, and wood flavors.

Banana Kush delivers relaxing, euphoric effects, making you happy, talkative, and giggly. Consume this strain if you’re feeling down in the dumps and need a bit of uplifting.

Tokers report Banana Kush offers analgesic effects, potentially soothing inflammation and arthritis. You may feel less anxious, stressed, or depressed after consuming these multi-colored flowers.

3. Panama

Panama feminized produces tall crops with brilliant buds. This strain has predominantly sativa genetics from its parents, Panama 74 x Green Panama x Colombian Punto Rojo.

As the plant grows, the nugs reveal a deep green color with silver, sparkling trichomes. The clear hairs turn a reddish hue, resembling fire.

The flowers smell sweet and citrusy, with a herbal aftertaste. Limonene, the dominant terpene, provides spicy vanilla fragrances and flavors.

Prepare for bursts of energy and creativity when consuming these colorful cannabis buds. Feel yourself fill with euphoria after each toke, allowing your mind to relax with uplifted and happy emotions.

Not only does Panama deliver brilliant recreational effects, it also has the potential to provide medicinal benefits. Users report feeling less stressed out, with reduced anxiety and depression. You may even find muscle spasms ease.

4. Northern Lights #10

Northern Lights auto strain
Northern Lights

Northern Lights #10 feminized is a strong indica-dominant strain, and its effects help you forget about all your worries. This variant has an impressive Afghani x Thai parentage.

These buds are amazing looking with their bright, flashy lime green hues. Yellow hairs and creamy trichomes decorate the nugs.

Flowery pine aromas waft off of these buds. Humulene produces sour and spicy wood flavors with hints of sweet juniper and earth on the aftertaste.

Northern Lights #10 is a perfect end-of-day smoke. Consume this strain to feel euphoric and carefree, letting go of worries and stresses. Just a few hits boost your mood and rejuvenate your body.

Medical patients seek Northern Lights #10 for its possible benefits. Some claim this strain helps treat pains and aches, relaxing the joints and muscles. You may even find you sleep better after consuming this variant.

5. Purple Kush

With mesmerizing colors, Purple Kush feminized is a classic violet strain. It’s indica-heavy, with Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani parents.

This strain’s beautiful cannabis buds are a royal purple hue decorated with bright orange hairs. The leaves of the plant have dazzling violet and emerald colors.

Caryophyllene is responsible for the berry and grape flavors. As you crush the nugs, breathe in the potent spicy-sweet tropical aromas with hints of earth. When smoked, these buds have fragrances like a fruit bowl with a sandalwood aftertaste.

The effects produced by these colorful buds are second to none. Experience feeling euphoric and relaxed, then drift off into a soothing sleep.

Besides the recreational effects, this strain is among the purple cultivars that may have medical benefits. Some users report this strain eases pain related to arthritis and joint aches. Others say migraines are a thing of the past after consuming these lavender-hued flowers.

6. Blue Haze

Blue Haze feminized is an indica-dominant cultivar with a famous lineage. Its parent strains are none other than Amnesia Haze x Blueberry.

At first glance, the buds seem green, but you soon notice the vibrant shades of purple upon closer inspection. The leaves have a cobalt hue to match the flowers, making this a cool-looking weed strain.

The dominant terpene, caryophyllene, produces savory and pungent blue cheese flavors. These buds give off appetizing sweet berry scents and earthy herbal tastes.

Blue Haze is for you if you need a boost of energy. Feel your body fill with vigor and euphoria, and as the high wanes, prepare for deep relaxation. You may feel more talkative than usual, with uplifted emotions.

Tokers claim this strain has medicinal benefits alongside calming recreational ones. Blue Haze might ease pain related to cramps and migraines. You may have an easier time falling asleep after a long day.

7. Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle feminized
Purple Urkle feminized

Purple Urkle feminized has powerful indica genetics and hails from the Mendocino Purps strain. This variant is legendary among the 420 community for its gorgeous colors and excellent effects.

These nugs have long, dark orange pistols. Purple shades peek through the fuzzy emerald buds decorated with shining crystal trichomes.

Giving off appealing berry flavors, humulene is the dominant terpene. The buds have earthy scents and taste like grape soda when consumed. The medley of flavors bursts on your tongue with hints of spice.

Grab a pen and paper when toking this strain, as it comes with bursts of creativity. Consume Purple Urkle and prepare for a euphoric, uplifted, and focused mood. Once the high fades, feel yourself become sleepy and couch-locked, ready for bed.

You may find that your anxiety symptoms ease when using this strain. Some report that Purple Urkle eradicates depression and stress, helping you sleep easier at night.

8. Cold War Kush

Cold War Kush feminized plants deliver magnificent and colorful weed buds. This strain has iconic parents, Purple Kush x White Russian.

The buds are royal purple and covered with a thick, sticky resin layer. The nugs resemble a snowy mountain with their bright trichomes.

Cold War Kush buds have a pungent grape and herbal scent to match the deep lavender hues. The aroma is so strong that you can smell it from across the room. Inhale enticing sweet and spicy notes with an earthy sandalwood aftertaste. 

In classic indica fashion, Cold War Kush delivers much-needed calming and euphoric effects. Feel your worries fade as you experience relaxed, sedative, and focused emotions.

You may experience less anxiety, stress, and depression when consuming Cold War Kush. 420 enthusiasts claim it even treats their arthritis and insomnia.

9. Rainbow Kush

Rainbow Kush lives up to its name: it’s one of the most colorful weed strains. This cultivar is a hybrid bred from Dancehall x Blueberry.

These buds have dark and rich purple hues with bright, stark orange hairs. Green shines through from underneath the violet colors.

This strain is one of the more colorful plants on the list and has distinctive aromas. Myrcene is responsible for the sweet, pine, and skunk flavors. You may even taste hints of tropical fruit and spicy coffee.

Hybrid genetics make for the best of both worlds. Consume this strain in the late afternoon, unwinding with its mellow effects. Enjoy a slight cerebral buzz alongside the relaxing emotions.

Potentially say goodbye to stress and anxious thoughts when consuming Rainbow Kush. It may even have analgesic effects that ease painful symptoms throughout the body.

10. Orange Skunk

Orange Skunk flower
Orange Skunk

Orange Skunk feminized comes from the famous California Orange x Skunk #1. It’s a primarily sativa variant with potent effects. Made in the 1990s, it still attracts 420 consumers today.

The buds are forest green, with bright orange hairs decorating them. Look out for glistening white trichomes around the peach-colored pistols.

The Orange Skunk is a prime example of the most notable cannabis smells. Heavenly zesty citrus flavors waft up from these yummy buds. Limonene brings out pungent skunk and spicy tastes with orange-like fragrances.

This sativa-leaning strain offers creative and energetic effects. After consuming Orange Skunk, expect euphoria and focus, followed by happy, relaxed, and tingly sensations.

Besides feeling uplifted and serene, you may notice less anxiety and stress symptoms. You might come across effects that ease inflammation and muscle spasms. Some tokers claim Orange Skunk treats migraines and depressive episodes.

11. Baked Apple 

Bred from Northern Lights x Cinderella 99, Baked Apple feminized is a perfect indica-dominant strain to enjoy after a long day.

These beautiful weed buds have deep green hues tinged with yellow-orange hairs. Notice shiny tangerine and white shades decorating the top of the nugs.

As the name suggests, these flowers smell like sweet, baked apples. The dominant terpene, valencene, gives off lemon, lime, and pine fragrances. Taste sweet and woody pineapple notes as you consume Baked Apple.

If it’s been a tiresome day and all you want is to relax, consider turning to Baked Apple for relief. Enjoy the well-renowned happy and uplifted effects with serene emotions.

Baked Apple may be a solution for insomnia. Some claim this strain removes anxious or stressed-out thoughts. You might find this cultivar also relieves cramps and migraines.

12. Diamond Pine

diamond pine feminized
Diamond Pine

Last, but certainly not least, is Diamond Pine feminized. This sativa-dominant strain is the product of OG Kush x Amnesia. This lineage provides a truly memorable experience.

Diamond Pine nugs are bright green and considered among the best-looking weed ever. They have dazzling orange hairs, topped off with snowy trichomes.

A handful of these weed buds smell like a fresh citrus fruit basket mixed with earthy moss. The lemon and pine fragrances attract everyone. Humulene gives off a woody aroma with flavors to match.

The effects of Diamond Pine fill you with energy, making you more productive than usual. As creative ideas swirl in your mind, you feel euphoric and completely relaxed.

Besides experiencing energetic emotions, you may come across some medicinal benefits. The 420 community claims Diamond Pine has the potential to treat anxiety, depression, and even muscle spasms.

A rainbow experience

Marijuana comes in many colors, and several factors contribute to this. Most strains are predisposed to grow buds with certain hues, but changing the environment could also manipulate the shade.

Anthocyanins are water-soluble compounds that affect color. Depending on which ones are present, a cannabis plant can exhibit various colors. The primary hues are red, purple, and blue, but other blends can occur.

We broke down some of the best colorful weed strains, so now’s the time to learn about others. Head over to our blog to learn more about all types of buds on the market.

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