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Top Exotic Purple Weed Strains to Try in 2023

June 19, 2023
Grizzly Purple Feminized Cannabis Plant

Exotic purple weed strains have gorgeous violet hues, making them very popular in the 420 world. These royal-looking buds deliver incredible effects and boast sweet berry flavors.

Not only are these violet nugs with lavender hairs stunning, they also produce powerful effects. Enjoy their berry, grape, and citrus aromas, with hints of pine and earthiness.

Cannabis flowers come in assorted colors, from red to blue and even yellow and brown. What makes these vibrant purple buds unique among all the various hues? Read further to find out all you need to know about these gorgeous lilac flowers.

Let’s dive in.

What makes weed plants turn purple?

What exactly causes exotic purple weed strains? The answer is anthocyanins, flavonoid phytochemicals that produce red, purple, or blue pigments in weed plants.

The color of weed depends on more than 500 different anthocyanins. Here’s a list of the primary ones that affect the pigment in weed plants:

  • Malvidin: Produces purple in acidic conditions, red in neutral, and blue in alkaline. You can find these compounds in red grapes and wine.
  • Pelargonidin: Displays an orange hue depending on the pH level. It’s typically found in raspberries and plums.
  • Delphinidin: Produces red or pink strains in acidic conditions. Otherwise, it shows up as blue and is often found in berries and eggplants.
  • Petunidin: Creates purple and dark red hues and is visible in most fruits and violet flowers.
  • Cyanidin: Results in bleeding red or purple hues when the concentration of hydrogen is below 3.0 and a vibrant lilac between 7.0–8.0. The pigments turn blue when the pH is above 8.0. Found in red berries and apples.
  • Peonidin: Similar to cyanidin and one of the more stable anthocyanins. It’s deep blue when the pH is high and bright red when it’s low. It also shows up in sweet potatoes and black bananas.

The presence of anthocyanin causes the cannabis plant’s leaves to turn purple once fully grown. Strains usually need to have the predisposition to be lilac, but some environmental factors could also be the reasons why it turns purple.

Canabis flower with purple trichomes

Here’s a breakdown of two leading causes of the different pigments in marijuana buds:

  • Genetics: The cultivar’s genetics, which include anthocyanins, typically produce violet buds. Find variants with “purple” in the name, as they’re almost guaranteed to grow lavender nugs.
  • Temperature: Expert cannabis cultivators suggest mimicking a colder environment, similar to fall, to encourage the lilac pigment when growing purple plants.

What’s unique about purple cannabis?

The primary uniqueness of exotic purple weed is the color. The hue doesn’t influence the effects and flavors, as it’s the terpene and cannabinoid profiles that are responsible for the sensations and fragrances.

The colors are vibrant and striking, making them more visually appealing. These lavender marijuana crops typically have red or purple stems. Most people associate purple with royalty and berries, so they may wonder if these strains are better than green cultivars. Some violet cultivars also have a similar smell and taste of berries.

blue and purple cannabis

5 exotic purple weed strains that are worth trying

What are some exotic purple weed names? Most have the color in their name, like our recommended top five strains below. These cultivars, all indica-dominant, promote deeply relaxing effects, though not all purple strains have these genetics.

Check out the five best violet cannabis strains on the market below.

1. Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple feminized (GDP) is one of the most popular purple strains. It’s world famous for its impressive indica genetics and the strong lineage of Purple Urkle and Big Bud. GDP has won first place at the Green Cup High Times Cannabis Cup. Need we say more?

This exotic purple weed has boastfully high THC levels reaching up to a whopping 22%. The effects leave you tranquil and blissful. Enjoy sedative and euphoric sensations with little to no fatigue.

GDP’s scent is potent and earthy, with hints of sweet berries and grapes. The dominant terpene, alpha-pinene, produces delicious citrus flavors to balance the sugary tastes.

Granddaddy Purple plants are short, bushy, and compact. Expect large yields come harvest time, with gorgeous violet buds.

Granddaddy Purple Strain Info

2. Purple Punch

While not for beginners, Purple Punch provides impressive yields. The crops have hardy genetics, with short and bushy foliage.

Purple Punch feminized packs a literal punch with its 23% THC levels and potent indica genetics. It’s a child variant of the well-known Granddaddy Purple; the effects and flavors show off its impressive lineage.

The dominant terpene limonene adds apple and berry fragrances to the mix, with tastes of citrus and pine. Expect hints of earth and pineapple wafting up from the buds.

Enjoy serene, euphoric, and creative effects, helping you feel relaxed after a long and hard day. Allow bursts of happiness to flow through you after consuming this strain.

Purple Punch Feminized Bud
Purple Punch Feminized Bud

3. Purple Gelato

Purple Gelato feminized is a potent indica-dominant strain that produces sticky and sweet lavender buds. It has high THC levels of 22%, and the nugs provide calming, creative, and energetic effects.

Breathe in the delicious sweet berry, citrus, and pine scents. The dominant terpene, limonene, is responsible for these tasty flavors and aromas.

Enjoy euphoric, relaxed, and uplifted sensations as you consume this purple weed. You might even find your anxiety and depression become a thing of the past after a toke or two.

This exotic purple weed strain is for the expert growers out there and thrives in temperate and sunny conditions. Come harvest time, expect large, rewarding yields.

Purple Gelato Feminized
Purple Gelato Feminized

4. Purple Urkle

Purple Urkle feminized existed since the ‘80s, known for its potent flavors and intense effects. This strain has won the Cannabis Cup several times, solidifying it in the 420 Hall of Fame.

It has impressive THC levels of 22%, producing creative and euphoric effects. The dominant terpene, humulene, contributes to its delicious grape and berry fragrances. Smell hints of earthiness as you puff out a cloud or two.

Experience epic uplifting and focused moods, with the indica genetics bringing about relaxation and tranquility. It might even lower your anxiety and stress.

Purple Urkle thrives in warm climates with broad leaves and bushy foliage, producing large, delicious nugs.

Purple Urkle strain information

5. Critical Purple

With one of the best exotic purple weed names out there, Critical Purple autoflower is perfect for first-time growers. This variant is fast-flowering, has intense indica-heavy buds, and isn’t a fake purple plant with its vibrant hues.

Critical Purple has insanely high THC levels of 27%, providing much-needed focused, relaxed, and tingly effects. The dominant terpene terpineol brings appetizing citrus, earthy, and sweet scents.

You may encounter medicinal benefits, which include washing away anxiety, depression, and stress. 420 enthusiasts claim Critical Purple aids in treating inflammation, insomnia, and migraines.

Although the flowering time is slightly longer at 10–12 weeks, the yields are well worth it. Harvest Critical Purple all year round, indoors or out.

critical purple strain info

Royal purple for the win

Cultivate gorgeous purple cannabis buds to see plum hues all around you. You’ll also experience sweet flavors, delicious fragrances, and relaxing effects.

Anthocyanins give these buds their striking violet shades, but a change in the pH can alter the color too. Enjoy massive harvests of deep lavender flowers with the right genetics and cultivation techniques.

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