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Stems on Weed Plants: Weed Stems Benefits, Uses & More

August 11, 2023
holding cannabis stem

Are you curious about the stems on weed plants and their possible benefits? Many tokers and growers believe only the buds are valuable and discard other vegetation.

The sugar leaves on cannabis plants provide various uses, but what about the stems? Many aren’t aware of the multiple applications cannabis stalks offer.

Read on to learn about the fascinating anatomy of these plants and discover the value of cannabis stems.

Let’s get started.

Stems in weed plants: What is a cannabis stem?

The stem is an essential part of the anatomy of weed plants and has many crucial roles. This embryonic stalk emerges from germinated seeds and forms the foundation for all aboveground vegetation growth.

The stems on weed are responsible for developing the rest of the plant in various ways. As the stalk grows from a seedling, it supports the branches, leaves, and buds.

Stem twist
Twisting cannabis stem

The stem supplies nutritional energy from the root system to all other vegetation. The central stalk enables plants to remain upright while branches with fan leaves and buds develop from its nodes.

Stem anatomy in cannabis varies slightly depending on gender. Male plants develop thicker stalks with fewer leaves, while females are usually shorter and thinner, with bushy foliage. They’re typically green, but coloration can change.

Some cannabis plants develop red or purple stems for multiple reasons. This coloration could be due to cold temperatures, pH levels, nutrient issues, stress, lighting, or genetics.

A purple or red stem on marijuana plants is sometimes the result of a magnesium or phosphorus deficiency. These colors could also mean nothing is wrong, as it’s a natural feature of some strains.

Weed Purple Stem
Purple stem

If you notice foliage curling before plants mature, the lack of green is likely due to a problem. This color change usually appears on smaller marijuana stems of fan leaves, but it can occur on the primary stalk.

Can you smoke weed stems and get high?

Buds are the primary source of THC, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis. It’s possible to smoke dry, trichome-covered sugar leaves and feel mildly high, but stalks are different.

Cannabinoid content in cannabis stems is minimal, and smoking them isn’t likely to produce any effects. The primary stalk has a woody texture by harvest time, and those on fan leaves also harden when dry.

Smoking stems is impractical for various reasons, and the taste is harsh, but it doesn’t mean they’re worthless.

cannabis purple stems
Cannabis stems

What else can you do with cannabis stems?

There are ways to use the minimal cannabinoid content through stem extraction methods. The stalks have hidden value for various uses, from making bubble hash to a cannabis tincture. Let’s explore the many ways to maximize a plant’s offerings.

Make cannabis stem tea to get high

Making weed stem tea is increasingly popular, and there are different types. Some provide a high, while others offer potential medicinal properties.

Multiple methods help produce cannabis-infused tea to get high. These techniques involve separating cannabinoids from plant matter and using extreme temperatures to activate the compounds.

Some people use fresh stems with minimal trichomes for other purposes, claiming they provide well-being applications. 

Some weed stem cell research also suggests nutritional benefits like protein, fiber, omega oils, and antioxidant properties in stalks and leaves.

My weed stem tea recipe is ideal for making a perfect cup, with six easy-to-follow steps.

weed stem tea

Make hash from weed stems

Making hash is a fantastic way to make use of stalks. While there is THC in some weed stems, the quantity isn’t noticeable without extraction methods.

Cannabis stalks provide ingredients for making oils or bubble hash. Each type requires different techniques to separate cannabinoids from plant matter.

Some people create hash oil by grinding stems into powder and soaking it in isopropyl alcohol for 2–3 minutes. The liquid goes through a draining process and evaporates at room temperature, leaving a concentration of cannabinoids.

Bubble hash involves freezing the plant matter until shaking causes trichomes to separate from weed stalks. The cannabinoid-rich particles detach, condense, and become easy to collect.

Add them to cannabutter or other edibles

Many people add plant fibers to cannabutter or utilize them to make homemade edibles. If you’re interested in cooking with cannabis, it’s essential to decarb fresh plant matter

This process activates THC and other cannabinoids, enabling them to produce effects in humans.

Decarboxylation is relatively easy. Heat your oven to around 240°F, place the stems from weed on a tray, and leave them for 30–40 minutes. Once this process is complete, grind the stalks into powder and add them to your weed-infused food.

Make a THC-infused drink

Juices and other drinks are an excellent way to use the THC on stems. Like tea, it’s possible to follow the same methods for extracting cannabinoids.

Some people enjoy creating potent cannabis-infused drinks, while others prefer the potential benefits of fresh stem-based products.

Weed infused tequila drink

Make topicals

Cannabis-infused topicals are increasingly popular; many people claim they provide multiple benefits. Fresh stalks and leaves reportedly offer the best ingredients for making skin-nourishing products.

Enthusiasts claim that weed stems’ benefits provide natural eco-friendly alternatives to cosmetic and pharmaceutical topicals.

Industrial application of marijuana stems

The market around recreational and medicinal marijuana is big business, but the plant has many other industrial applications.

Hemp is weed with less than 0.3% THC and specific cultivation for medicinal and industrial purposes. The fiber-rich materials fromweed stalks provide countless applications, from textiles and clothes to CBD products and car manufacturing.

Stems from cannabis and hemp are among the best sources of natural industrial products. 

hemp cloth

Cannabis stems have surprising benefits

Cannabis crops are fast-growing and environmentally friendly. The range of beneficial and sustainable uses of cannabis stalks is astonishing. By taking a clone cutting, it’s possible to grow a whole plant from a stem.

You can’t experience exceptional psychoactive effects from the stems on weed, but you can use them in various ways for potential benefits. Tea, hash, cannabutter, and kief are among the most common applications of cannabis stalks.

Are you interested in growing weed and watching these beautiful botanicals blossom? Cultivating a plant is a gratifying experience with bountiful rewards.

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