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Best Wake And Bake Strains

March 22, 2022

Lovers of marijuana have become enchanted with energy inducing weed for various reasons. Many fans relish the opportunity to puff on the best wake and bake strains. Ask any cannabis connoisseurs, and they’ll testify to the good that’s manifested with this morning custom.

The term “wake and bake” is believed to have been made popular by Grateful Dead fans in the 1960s. Many cannabis users revere this daytime practice for its influential nature on the body and mind.

Stoner stereotypes no longer matter, as there has been a recent shift in perspective due to the benefits of marijuana. Keep reading to find out why consuming the best cannabis in the morning can be a magnificent idea.

Smoking weed in the morning
Smoking weed in the morning

Why weed in the morning is a good idea

Everyone has sunrise rituals; many prefer a warm beverage, others enjoy a morning jog, and some smoke wake and bake cannabis. Enjoying a joint when you get up may seem strange to some, but it triggers many positive benefits.

Here’s how weed can help you as the sun rises.

  • Start the day with an optimistic outlook by indulging in the best morning strains.
  • An increase in appetite also makes breakfast more appealing.
  • Your body has been without nutrients for several hours, creating a perception of a heightened buzz.
  • It helps combat feelings of anxiety and depression.
  • Stimulates creativity and heightened awareness.

Getting a couple of puffs at the crack of dawn can be a magical ritual. Whether you’re seeking a mood booster or just getting the day started with a delicious blunt. The key to a blissful session is choosing the perfect wake and bake cannabis.

7 best wake and bake strains 

There’s nothing quite like that first puff of some divine kush at daybreak. The sun is out, birds are chirping, and an intense aroma of cannabis is flowing through the air.

The benefits of sativa-dominant cultivars come with a boost in serotonin. This chemical assists in regulating mood, anxiety, and appetite. Sativa cultivars are awesome during the day as they will not onset any couch lock weed effects. 

Here are our top seven picks of cannabis cultivars to get you geared up and ready for the day.

1. Chocolope

One of the best wake and bake strains out there is Chocolope, known for its onset of happiness and motivation. This marijuana cultivar offers a mouth-watering flavor profile, making it a lovely substitute for your caffeinated beverage.

You’ll notice an intense buzz to the head, which soon morphs into a motivated mindset. The sativa-heavy hybrid provides a cerebral and thought-provoking state due to its rich 20% THC content.

This wake and bake cannabis strain induces a massive energy boost as your creative juices start to flow. It also brings an uplifting high that takes away any negative thoughts. These buds are perfect for project-minded people who need ingenuity for their daily tasks.

Chocolope is a beginner-friendly grow strain and thrives in greenhouse, indoor, and outdoor setups. This cultivar flourishes in Mediterranean climates and produces medium to high yields of sweet earthy buds.

Wake and bakes are about the journey, not the destination, so it's best to take it easy with your morning joint.


2. Blue Dream

The Blue Dream strain is known for its unusual taste profile and aroma. It hints at sharp flavors of citrus, earthy sandalwood, and floral notes. This cultivar is considered a potent medical strain and has many benefits, such as relief of anxiety, feelings of happiness, and wellbeing.

Blue Dream is an extraordinary hybrid and is considered one of the best daytime strains. This cannabis cultivar energizes the body, allowing you to align and prepare for your long day ahead.

Growing these marijuana seeds produces high flavorful yields of resinous buds. Beginners can easily cultivate this powerful cannabis plant with indoor or outdoor setups.

This wake and bake cannabis strain is a wonderful solution for busy days. This cultivar offers up to 20% THC, leaving you feeling relaxed, euphoric, and creative. It’s a truly fantastic option for those days you need an extra bit of magic.

Blue Dream
Blue Dream

3. Sour Diesel (aka Sour D)

Sour Diesel is an incredible strain due to its ability to electrify the mind with 22% THC content. This popular sativa-dominant cultivar features an extremely spicy flavor that packs a wild punch.

Sour D is known as one of the strongest strains of weed, taking you to a place of robust creativity and passion for life. These nugs are an amazing pick-me-up for your sunrise smoke ritual, leaving the body in a light and airy state.

Pamper yourself with one of the best morning strains, and expect to feel revitalized after a few tokes of this cultivar. When smoking this cannabis cultivar, expect notes of citrus fruits and the scent to linger, making your tongue tingle for another toke.

Cannabis growers can produce heavy harvests with these feminized marijuana seeds, which thrive in cool, sunny climates. The flowering time for these nugs is 10–12 weeks indoors and by early October in outdoor gardens.

Sour Diesel
Sour Diesel

4. Durban Poison

Durban Poison is considered one of the best wake and bake strains around. The original genetics of this cultivar grew freely on the plains of South Africa. Now you can enjoy this pure sativa without leaving your hometown.

This potent classic makes for an ethereal wake and bake cannabis strain. Grab your best rolling papers and enjoy morning bliss with a cultivar that provides one of the most pleasantly intoxicating highs. It’s best to manage your intake for a day of productivity.

Cultivating this pure sativa landrace at home couldn’t be easier. These rugged plants resist pests and disease with ease. Outdoor growers can expect a bigger yield, while indoor setups produce medium harvests.

Durban Poison
Durban Poison

5. Green Crack (aka Green Crush)

Free your creativity with this beloved marijuana strain as you sip on your coffee. It won 3rd place for best sativa at the Denver Cannabis Cup in 2015, dominating with its superior potency.

Green Crack is known for its lively, spirited, and long-lasting effects and carries up to 25% THC. It's one of the best daytime strains as it induces a focused, invigorating mental buzz, perfect for busy worker bees.

On the inhale, expect to taste an earthy citrus flavor that lingers on your tongue. Its sweet fruity notes are sure to make you take another toke, leaving your palate extremely satisfied.

This cannabis strain can grow indoors and outdoors, producing generous yields. The flowering time for these feminized plants is 8–10 weeks indoors. This cultivar flourishes in a Mediterranean climate, and you can collect harvests in September when raised outdoors.

This marijuana strain is stimulating and energy enhancing, but won’t leave you feeling restless if you puff this cannabis in the morning. A tenderly rolled spliff is sure to give you a euphoric buzz, which settles into a dynamic flow throughout the day.

Green Crack (aka Green Crush)
Green Crack (aka Green Crush)

6. Jack Herer (aka The Jack)

Jack Herer, known for its incredible medicinal properties, is a sativa-dominant cultivar. Its rich genetic background gives rise to various effects, which promises to be an exquisite wake and bake cannabis strain.

This marijuana hybrid is highly sought-after, making it one of the block's best wake and bake strains. Its resinous nugs feature a sweet aroma that you’ll never forget and contain up to 24% THC.

After the inhale, you can expect an energetic buzz to beam through the body, with its effects kicking in immediately. Not only do you feel electrified, but also an expressive flow as this cultivar is one of the best strains for creativity.

The average flowering time for Jack Herer is 8-10 weeks, or early October if grown outdoors. Both hydroponics and soil methods are suitable for cultivating this skunky, earthy-smelling bud.

Enjoying this cannabis in the morning will also increase appetite, making breakfast way more delicious.

Jack Herer (aka The Jack)
Jack Herer (aka The Jack)

7. Purple Thai

Purple Thai is an old-school landrace sativa that tests up to 16% THC content. This quality wake and bake cannabis strain is perfect for low tolerance users. Its gorgeous buds produce a chocolate and coffee aroma flawlessly blending with your morning brew.

These resinous flowers offer an energizing high, ideal for those who want to keep it low-key and get to business. After smoking this strain, expect to get through your to-do list with newfound liveliness.

Indulging in this cannabis in the morning is sure to enhance focus and vigor for creative pursuits. Then, a comfortable and relaxed state allows you to remain calm as its effects wear off.

This cannabis cultivar grows fairly easily with some maintenance and provides medium yields of quality glistening buds. Purple Thai thrives in tropical climates much like its country of origin, Thailand.

If you crave something delicious with longer-lasting effects, consider waking and baking with some weed cupcakes. 

Purple Thai
Purple Thai

Stay woke and toke the best morning strains

Cannabis in the morning has its benefits if your choice of strain matches the occasion. Are you looking for creative inspiration or an energy-driven day? Our list of beloved cultivars will guide you along your path to joy and discovery.

Indulge in any of the best wake and bake strains for a more proactive daytime session. Remember to limit your dosage if you have a low tolerance to avoid overstimulation.

If you're interested in growing any of these incredible cultivars, head over to our store to purchase quality marijuana seeds. Plus, subscribe to our Homegrown Forum for the latest cannabis news and tricks.

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