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The Essential Weed Lube Recipe to Spice Things Up

Weed lube

As cannabis use grows across the US, consumers find more ways to incorporate this marvelous green plant into their lives. You’ve heard of edibles, tinctures, and dabs, but what about lubricant? That’s right! 420 fans are spicing up their love lives with marijuana, and you can too. Enter our ultimate weed lube recipe.

But how does a THC personal lubricant work in the bedroom?

If you thought having some fun between the sheets couldn’t get any better, you’re in for a treat. A marijuana lubricant massages your nether region and makes love-making more exciting. Expect you and your partner to become closer than ever with this intimacy booster.

Want to know more?

Join us to discover what a DIY weed lube could do for you and how to use it. We also tell you how to make cannabis lube with our favorite recipe and share a few strains that work best. 

Weed and sex
Weed and sex

What is marijuana lubricant?

Weedlube is an oil-based lubricant infused with marijuana. It usually contains the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, but CBD variants exist as well as those with a more gel-like texture.

Women tend to enjoy cannabis-infused lubricants more than men. Why? It helps them feel more relaxed and comfortable, allowing them to have fun and explore more in the bedroom.

Pelvic floor pain is a common complaint of women during sex, andmany users report that lube significantly reduces the unpleasant sensations. This newfound relief reignites their passion for their partner and boosts their desire for intercourse.

Men still get to join in the fun, too. Making homemade edible lube means the guys get to enjoy effects similar to consuming their favorite cannabis snack when heading south. The oily texture also makes for an uninhibited ride with their female partner. 

How does cannabis-infused lubricant work?

There are many health benefits of marijuana. A perfect example is homemade weed lube. It  works to spice up your sex life in many ways, including:

  • Firing up foreplayas you wait for the sensations to kick in. When the female starts to feel a tingle down below, now’s the time for her male partner to dive south before the oil gets absorbed.
  • One orgasm after another. A DIY THC lube relaxes a woman’s vagina and produces a delightfully warm and tingly feeling. Before long, the labia and inner walls become more sensitive, helping her enjoy multiple orgasms, even if she’s alone!
  • The high after sex. Whether you consume the DIY edible lube or simply enjoy the buzzing sensations, the exciting sensations leave you in a euphoric mood.

The effects and experience you enjoy differ a little depending on whether your weed-infused lubricant is THC or CBD-based. Think about what THC does to the brain and body.

THC personal lubricant

When you’re in the mood for sex, a little marijuana-infused lubricant does wonders for enhancing your sexual arousal. THC opens the capillaries that line the vagina and increases blood flow to the region. The warm tingling you feel heightens your libido and helps you produce more lubrication naturally. 

For men, the penis doesn’t absorb weed lubricant in the same way. This doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the mental and physical effects of edible lubes, though.

CBD personal lubricant

It’s common for women to experience pain or feel uncomfortable during and after sex. This can be due to many reasons, including tension and inflammation.

CBD is the other cannabinoid found in marijuana that doesn’t produce the high sensations that THC does. A CBD cannabis lube recipe works similarly to CBD topicals to alleviate discomfort in the pelvic area. Your vaginal muscles relax and allow you to experience all pleasure and no pain.

Weed lubricant
Weed lubricant

What does homemade weed lube feel like?

If you use the weed lube recipe shared below, the texture will be slippery and greasy. If you opt for coconut oil, the lubricant will be thicker and perhaps a little more difficult to apply. We recommend adding some aloe vera gel in this case.

This extra ingredient is water-based and has a jelly-like texture—making your lube even slipperier and easy to use. Just ensure the product you pick is pure food-grade and has no added artificial ingredients.

To mix aloe vera into your homemade weed lube, add one part marijuana-infused oil to one part aloe gel in a blender. Give it a shake every time you plan to use some.

How to apply weed-infused lubricant

You can put water-based lubricants to use immediately, but cannabis coconut oil lube or other homemade variants are a little different. Take note of the following for the ultimate pleasurable experience:

  • Use the right condom: If you’re having protected sex, you need to know that using oil in your weed lube recipe weakens latex condoms. It’s best to keep the lubricant for foreplay or try condoms made of lambskin, nitrile, polyurethane, or polyisoprene—these are sometimes hard to find, though.
  • Pick the right oil: Cannabinoids need plenty of fat to dissolve, so your cannabis-infused lubricant should always be oil-based. Ensure the ingredients are natural and pure—you’ll be applying it to your most delicate areas, after all. Coconut and almond oils are the most popular as they work well with sensitive skin and taste better.
  • Do a spot test: Before you slather the weedlube all over your partner, you need to test it on a small area first to ensure the right consistency and potency. Apply a tiny amount with one finger and let it absorb into the skin. Wait up to an hour to feel the effects.

Once you’re happy with your homemade edible lube, it’s time to oil up! Simply take a little with your fingers and gently massage it into the area where you want to enjoy the effects. 

Weed lube recipe

Set aside a few hours to complete the THC lube recipe to get the best results. When you follow this step-by-step guide, expect to create around 8 oz. containing 6 mg of THC for every 1 ml. It takes a while, but the results are well worth the effort, and you’ll spend a lot less than you would on commercial cannabis sex lube.


Gather the following ingredients to make your lubricant:

  • 8 oz. oil of your choice (coconut, olive, almond, etc.)
  • ¼ oz. of cannabis buds

You also need the materials mentioned below:

  • Oven
  • Parchment paper
  • 2 mason jars
  • Digital scales
  • Grinder
  • Slow cooker
  • Cheesecloth
  • Boiling water
  • 1 large and 1 small funnel
  • Measuring cup with a spout
  • Tincture bottle

How to make weed lube

Once you have everything ready, use our weed-infused lube recipe for success.

  1. Preheat your oven to around 240°F.
  2. Grind your cannabis nugs—not too finely. About the size of a grain of rice is enough.
  3. Decarboxylate your marijuana by spreading it out evenly across a piece of parchment paper on a cooking tray. Bake it for around 45 minutes and take it out to cool.
  4. Split the decarbed cannabis between both mason jars. Weigh the marijuana on the scales to ensure it’s distributed evenly. Add half of the oil to each jar and seal.
  5. Put the mason jars into a slow cooker and fill it with boiling water and completely submerge the jars. Set the cooker to warm and leave for 4 to 5 hours to cook the mixture. Take the jars out every hour to shake and distribute the oil and cannabis evenly. Use oven mitts as the jars will be very hot.
  6. Once the time is up, take the jars out of the cooker and put them on a cloth to cool down. Laying them on a hard surface could make the jars crack. 
  7. Take the large funnel and line it with four layers of unbleached cheesecloth. Place it over a large measuring cup and slowly pour the oil and cannabis mixture into the funnel. Squeeze the cheesecloth to get as much oil as possible.
  8. With a small funnel, pour the mixture into the tincture bottle. Your cannabis personal lubricant is now ready to use when you like. We recommend you start with 1 ml and adjust if needed.
How to Decarb Weed
How to decarb weed

4 best strains to make weed lube

You now know how to make weed lube, but how can you make your final product even better? By choosing one of the best weed for sex in your ingredients. 

Below, we share our favorite cultivars whether you want to make a lube high in CBD or THC.

CBD Kush autoflower

If you want your weed lube recipe to only contain CBD and minimal amounts of THC, we recommend CBD Kush autoflower. Expect some delicious earthy and lemon flavors as you go down on your partner before enjoying a pleasant, relaxing buzz to get you in the mood for more.

Women who apply lube with this cannabis as the base can expect to feel comfortable and ready for a wonderful experience. Any pain you usually feel disappears with this strain.

When growing your own, expect abundant yields indoors from short, bushy crops. We suggest you have some previous experience before planting the seeds as the crops are a little tricky to handle. 

FlavorsEarthy, lemon, and sweet
EffectsSoft and light
Flowering time9 weeks
Yield16 oz./m² indoors / 3.5 oz./plant outdoors
CBD Kush autoflower
CBD Kush autoflower

CBD Super Silver Haze feminized

This incredibly balanced cultivar won the Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999! CBD Super Silver Haze feminized is for those who want to experience an equal amount of CBD and THC.

You’ll feel like you’re in ecstasy if you add this strain to your weed lube recipe. Get yourself in the mood with outstanding energizing effects followed by uplifted elation. Expect pain relief while firing on all cylinders with Super Silver Haze.

Growing this strain at home requires some attention, but you get rewarded with monstrous yields of sweet and spicy buds.

FlavorsLemon, woody, and spices
EffectsRelaxing and pain-relieving
Flowering time10–12 weeks
Yield16–17.5 oz./m² indoors / 21–39 oz./plant outdoors
CBD Super Silver Haze feminized
CBD Super Silver Haze feminized

Shishkaberry Kush feminized 

Looking for a mouth-watering strain high in THC? Get yourself some Shishkaberry Kush feminized. This cultivar is one of the tastiest on the market, with sweet earthy and berry flavors filling your mouth as you savor your DIY edible lube.

You won’t be able to keep your hands off your partner as you yearn for more. Any tension you feel before diving beneath the sheets fades away, and you become more relaxed than ever. Experience soothing sensations and fuzzy vibes before an exhilarating after-sex buzz.

Newcomers and veterans can grow this strain at home. Expect tall crops with thick foliage and fat juicy buds. Come harvest, you’ll be reaping generous yields whether you grow indoors or out.

FlavorsEarthy and berry
EffectsMood-boosting, cerebral, and relaxing
Flowering time8–10 weeks
Yield16 oz./m² indoors / 17.5–21 oz./plant outdoors
Shishkaberry Kush feminized
Shishkaberry Kush feminized

Mochalope regular

Last but not least is the potent Mochalope regular. If chocolate and coffee are some of your favorite treats, you’ll love the flavors in this cannabis. Be careful not to overindulge with such a delicious offering

Make a high THC personal lubricant with this variant to relax every muscle in your being and leave you ready for love. Mochalope has excellent numbing properties for those of you who tend to feel uncomfortable during sex.

Reap decent yields inside and outdoors with this strain, whatever previous experience you have. Remember; regular seeds develop male and female plants, so if it’s the juicy nugs you’re after, you’ll need to sex the crops.

FlavorsEarthy, cocoa, and fruity notes
EffectsPowerful, physical, and narcotic
Flowering time8–9 weeks
Yield14–19.5 oz./m² indoors / 14–21 oz./plant outdoors
Mochalope regular
Mochalope regular

Frequently asked questions about weed lube

By now, you know that weed and sex go hand-in-hand, how to make weed lube, what it does, and the best strains to use. If you’re still not 100% sure about the ins and outs, don’t worry. We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions about DIY weed lube to help clear up any final doubts.

Can marijuana lube get you high?

Depending on how you use your marijuana lubricant, it could get you high. Simply rubbing it on your private parts won’t give you a buzz, but if you use an edible version during foreplay, you’ll feel the effects.

The high sensation also depends on the strain you used to create the lube. Those high in THC will have a much stronger effect than ones with mainly CBD content.

Can men also use this cannabis lube?

Yes, men can use a cannabis personal lubricant, but it likely won’t have the same effect as it does on women. You might experience increased blood flow, but the penis doesn’t feel the same level of tingling and warm fuzziness that the vagina does.

Is homemade weed lube safe to use with condoms?

Not really. The oil in your weed lube recipe weakens the latex in condoms. So, unless you’re hoping for a bundle of joy soon, we recommend only using the lube for foreplay. 

Couple smoking marijuana and kissing
Couple smoking marijuana and kissing

Time to have fun…

There you have it. If the spice was lacking in your bedroom before, it won’t be after you make our weed lube recipe. This oily product relaxes the ladies and gives the men an extra buzz to enjoy sex more and for longer.

If you enjoyed this article and want to know more ways to incorporate cannabis into your life, check out our blog. You’ll find articles about everything about marijuana from our resident industry experts. Don’t forget to share this one with friends so everyone can join in on the fun.

Now’s the time to visit our seed bank and purchase one or more of the strains we’ve suggested. Grow your own cannabis, then make your own homemade weed lube.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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