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Fast Flowering Strains: What You Need To Know

January 10, 2022

Do you ever wish your precious marijuana plants could hurry up and mature? Fast flowering strains might be the perfect solution for you.

The cannabis cultivation journey is long but rewarding for diligent growers. Some prefer options with shorter life cycles to reap their buds sooner—this is where fast flowering strains come in.

These cultivars offer a unique option that doesn’t compromise on quality. Nugs are just as potent as regular photoperiod variants, but you can enjoy them sooner

Are you curious about these fast version strains? Join us as we discover how they made these cultivars and how to grow them. We also explore the advantages and disadvantages of these crops. Let’s kick things off by defining fast flowering cultivars.

Fast flowering cannabis plants
Fast flowering cannabis plants

What are fast flowering strains?

Fast flowering marijuana strains offer cultivators the perfect medium between photoperiod and autoflower variants. Photoperiod options are sturdy, strong, and potent but take longer to mature. They depend on light cycles to advance to the next stage of development.

Autoflower crops, on the other hand, have short life cycles and automatically flower without the option of extending the vegetative phase. These plants mature despite the amount of light exposure they receive. 

Fast flowering strains fall between these two extremes. They’re light-dependent like photoperiods but have short life cycles similar to autoflowers.

Fast flowering strains give growers the freedom to extend the vegetative stage using light cycles. If the crops receive more than 12 hours of light exposure, they won't switch to flowering. 

Once you employ a 12 hour dark and 12 hour light schedule, they'll switch to flower and mature rapidly. This is where the autoflower genetics kick in. 

More cultivators are opting for fast growing cannabis seeds for convenience. These crops flower within short time frames of around seven weeks

How fast flowering strains are made

Breeders genetically modify fast-growing strains by combining feminized photoperiod crops with reversed autoflowers. This process produces pollen and fertilizes the photoperiod plants. 

The result is fast-growing cannabis with feminized properties. The offspring is stable and potent with excellent yields with a proper cannabis feeding schedule

What should you do when growing fast version marijuana strains?

Much of the cultivation techniques used for photoperiod and autoflower variants remain for quick flowering strains. These crops are compact but structurally sturdy and ideal for indoor cultivation. 

They’re ready for harvesting when the hairs darken. Wait for 90% of your buds to be ready for optimal potency. Let's delve deeper into some of the most crucial steps for cultivating these fast flowering crops.

Quality seeds

The most vital decision of your cultivation journey is choosing the right fast flowering seeds. Pick a cultivar with stable genetics and purchase them from a reputable source like us at Homegrown Cannabis Co. 

These cultivars are available in both indica and sativa dominant options. The variety you choose influences the ideal growing techniques. 

Cannabis seeds
Cannabis seeds


Fast-growing weed strains are small and, as a result, can't produce as many buds as their original photoperiod predecessors. To offset this drawback, employ low-stress training

A firm favorite among growers is the Sea of Green (SOG) technique. The method works best with at least four fast flowering plants. Using this method optimizes resources, enhances the yield, and reduces the risk of pests.

Another popular method is the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method, which helps with using resources effectively and producing a bigger harvest. Experienced growers also use topping techniques. 

Medium and environmental control

Quick flowering strains thrive in soil or hydroponics, but indoor cultivation is best. The reason is most likely the specific environmental controls greenhouse growers have. 

The ideal temperature for growing weed that flowers quickly is between 68–80℉. You also need to provide adequate ventilation and ensure good airflow

Fans are an excellent option as the light breeze they provide helps the fast flowering plants develop stronger branches.

Light exposure 

During the vegetative stage, cultivators experience rapid development when they expose fast version strains to 24 hours of light. Crops absorb more energy, and they're ready to flip sooner than varieties with shorter light cycles.

Humidity levels 

The relative humidity (RH) in your grow room should typically range 55–60% during the early phases of your crops' development. The ideal RH varies from one fast flowering strain to the next. Some require higher levels, while others prefer dryer conditions.

Cannabis humidity needs to be around 40% for better quality buds in the flowering phase. Excess moisture may result in bud rot. 

Monitor the pH levels 

The pH levels in the grow medium directly influences crop health. Nutrient uptake is affected, and having soil that's too acidic or alkaline can cause deficiencies or toxicity

Fast flowering strains produce healthier buds when the pH levels are optimal. A range of 5.8–6.2 is best. The pH for cannabis differs slightly for hydroponics.

Testing soil pH
Testing soil pH

Watering habits 

Watering your marijuana garden properly may sound like an obvious instruction, but many growers get this step wrong. Too little water can damage your plant, but too much is just as harmful. 

The soil needs to be moist and not saturated. There are various techniques for watering weed properly. 

Like autoflowers (which also have a "fastest autoflowers" subcategory), the fastest flowering strains don't have much time to recover if something goes wrong in their final maturity phase. If you apply effective watering practices from the earliest stages of your crops' life, you'll avoid potential problems when it matters most.


Fast-growing cannabis flourishes with feeds of phosphorus during the early growing stages. If your growing environment can seal, using CO2 during veg can also improve your yield. Using carbon dioxide also boosts resin production.

Pros and cons of fast version strains

Compared to other marijuana variants, cultivating fast growing cannabis has benefits and drawbacks. You can decide if these quick crops are suitable for your growing style by analyzing these. 


There are so many advantages to growing fast flowering strains, including:

Faster overall grow time 

Harvest fast flowering strains up to 5 weeks sooner than regular marijuana options. Autoflowering crops may have a shorter life cycle than these options depending on the duration of the vegetative phase.

Flourishes in most climates

Although fast version cannabis prefers warm conditions, they grow successfully in harsher climates. 

Resistant to pathogens 

The genetic makeup of quick flowering strains gives them a natural resistance against mold, mildew, and fungus. This trait is especially helpful during the flowering stage when most regular varieties are susceptible to infection. 

Another reason these plants don't fall victim to these issues is that they're usually ready for harvest before the rainy autumn season. 

More seasonal harvests

The quick growing time of fast flowering strains means cultivators can reap multiple harvests in a single season. The main requirement is that they time it correctly. 

They can be cloned

An excellent trait inherited from their photoperiod parent is the ability to be cloned. Fast version strains can be clipped and successfully used as a mother plant. One of the biggest issues growers have with autoflowers is that they can't be cloned.

Fast flowering properties can be passed down

When you fuse strains, you often lose desirable properties in the following generation. Fortunately, this doesn't apply to fast version marijuana. They retain their genetics well and therefore make exceptional parent strains. 

Lower indoor growing costs

When you cultivate marijuana seeds indoors, it can rack up a pretty penny. The longer you need to leave the lights on, the more expensive it gets. While you should provide fast flowering strains with adequate light during veg, you can still save financially since they're ready for harvest faster.

The perfect medium between photoperiod and autoflower

Fast version weed offers growers the best of both worlds, avoiding the negative aspects of photoperiod and autoflower crops. Photoperiod plants take a long time to mature, but the yields are larger. 

Autoflowers produce small yields but have a shorter life cycle. Fast flowering strains offer moderate size yields in a short time. You also have the option of extending the vegetative stage to enhance plant health while still benefiting from rapid flowering.

Cannabis flower
Cannabis flower


When deciding if fast flowering strains are right for you, consider these disadvantages:

Smaller yields

Fast version crops are compact and produce smaller harvests, appropriate for their structure. These yields are less than those of photoperiod plants but typically more than autoflowers. 

Lower cannabinoids

Growers report that certain fast growing cannabis cultivars produce buds with lower cannabinoids. These can easily be offset by enhancing cultivation techniques and selecting quality seeds. 


This factor is either an advantage or disadvantage, depending on your stance regarding autoflowers. Having light-dependent cultivars means you need to be observant and apply rigid schedules. It can also be a bit more expensive compared to autos. 

9 best fast flowering strains 

It might be challenging to decide which options are best for the fastest flowering strains. Below we provide you with our top selections and a summary of each. 

1. OG Kush fast version 

The fast flowering variant of this classic cannabis doesn't disappoint. OG Kush fast version is a blend of the original OG Kush and a secret hybrid autoflower. 

The strain induces powerful effects thanks to the high THC content of 20–24%. The flavors are a fruity fusion of berries and citrus with distinct notes of diesel. 

Growing this cultivar is straightforward and suitable for all skill levels. OG Kush fast flowering crops yield 19 oz./m2 indoors and up to 39 oz./plant outdoors.

OG Kush fast version
OG Kush fast version

2. Big Bud fast version 

Big Bud fast version is known for its distinct flavor profile inherited from its exotic parents. The cultivar stems from a mix of Afghan, Northern lights, Skunk #1, and a secret hybrid autoflower. 

It tastes of fruit and spice with hints of earth and skunk. The flavor is reminiscent of Kush strains. The fast flowering strain induces euphoria and relaxation along with a full-body buzz. It contains 14–17% THC, and the effects are mainly cerebral. Cultivating this popular hybrid results in indoor yields of 14–15 oz./m2

Big Bud fast version
Big Bud fast version

3. Critical fast version 

If you’re looking for a cultivar that's hot on the most wanted list, look no further than the Critical fast version. Its parents are Critical Mass and a secret hybrid. 

The cultivar exudes alluring fruity citrus scents with woody undertones that make for a flavorful toke. The effects are ideal for an early evening toke when you need to unwind. 

It's fast-growing cannabis, suitable for most growers. These crops typically offer yields of 14–17oz/m2 indoors and 17–21 oz./plant outdoors.

Critical fast version
Critical fast version

4. Northern Lights fast version 

A strain as spectacular as the natural phenomenon, Northern Lights fast version induces sensational effects. The fast flowering variant retains most of the scents, flavors, and potency. 

Containing THC levels ranging from 15–19%, the cultivar offers a peaceful escape from your daily troubles. The effects last a few hours before helping you drift off to dreamland in the most tranquil way. 

Northern Lights fast growing cannabis is fruity yet earthy. Growers can expect a yield of roughly 14–19 oz./m2 and 17–21 oz./plant outdoors.

Northern Lights fast version
Northern Lights fast version

5. AK-47 fast version 

Named after a deadly weapon, this fast flowering strain will blow your mind. AK-47 fast version is sativa dominant and induces mellow cerebral stimulation followed by a full-body buzz. 

AK-47 fast flowering marijuana offers a fusion of flavors, including fruit, flowers, wood, and incense. If you grow these seeds, you can expect to harvest 14–17oz./m2 indoors and 17 oz./plant outdoors. 

6. Bruce Banner fast version 

Hulk smash your way to euphoric bliss with Bruce Banner fast version. These resilient marijuana crops grow taller than most fast flowering strains so ensure that you have sufficient room. 

Crops are also bushy and need regular trimming. The cultivar is best suited to intermediate or advanced growers because of its stretch and thick foliage. 

Bruce Banner fast-growing cannabis produces 14–17oz./m2 indoors and approximately 21 oz./plant outdoors. The buds are THC-rich, containing 25–32% of the cannabinoid.

Bruce Banner fast version
Bruce Banner fast version

7. Black Domina fast version 

Although the name Black Domina fast version may conjure up thoughts of something dark and mysterious, the strain is calming. It induces relaxing, sedative effects that soothe your stress away as you fall asleep peacefully. 

The flavors are fruity, with hints of spice and earth. On the exhale, you detect subtle pine notes with hints of pepper. Growing this fast flowering strain results in indoor harvests of 12–14 oz./m2 and outdoor yields of 24–28 oz./plant.

Black Domina fast version
Black Domina fast version

8. Blue Princess fast version 

Feel like a royal relaxing in the lap of luxury when you take a toke of Blue Princess fast version. With prestigious parents like Cinderella99, Blueberry, and a mystery autoflower, it's no wonder the cultivar is a hit on the 420 scene. 

The fast-growing cannabis is mostly sativa and induces happiness and relaxation before the sedative effects hit. It tastes of citrus and pine. The typical yield is 12–16 oz./m2 indoors and 19 oz./plant outdoors.

Blue Princess fast version
Blue Princess fast version

9. Amnesia fast version 

Amnesia fast version helps you forget all your worries and comforts you with soothing sensations of bliss. The fast flowering strain is sativa dominant and contains 22–25% THC. 

It's a fruity cultivar with hints of frankincense and wood that shine through on the exhale. Expect an intense mental buzz and a mild body tingle that leaves you optimistic and tranquil. Cultivating Amnesia Haze fast flowering crops yields 14–17 oz./m2 indoors and 19–23 oz./plant outdoors. 

Amnesia fast version
Amnesia fast version

Where to buy fast version marijuana seeds

Want to get your hands on the best short flowering strains? Stick with us. You'll find a wide selection of quality strains here at Homegrown Cannabis Co.  Aside from seeds, we offer you valuable growing tips. 

You can subscribe to our Homegrown Diaries and track your growing progress. We also have a lively community forum where you can connect with other cannabis lovers to share cultivation secrets and exchange ideas.

Browse through our special offers section and score with our incredible deals. Visit the site frequently to avoid missing out on any special offers on cheap cannabis seeds.  

Cannabis fast version
Cannabis fast version

Fast flowering final bloom

Fast flowering strains are compact, convenient crops that develop swiftly. They're photoperiod variants that flower faster than regular cannabis plants. 

These plants are suited to intermediate-level growers, but enthusiastic novices can give them a shot too. They're resilient and feminized, so you don’t have to waste time separating males. 

The advantages of growing fast growing strains outweigh the disadvantages, and even those in harsh climates can cultivate them. 

Their small structure makes them ideal for any grow room. Why not give these marijuana crops a try? Browse the Homegrown Cannabis Co. seed store and get growing!

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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