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Unleashing The Mystery of Black Weed: All You Need to Know

Posted in: Cannabis Anatomy
June 14, 2023

Have you heard of black weed? Weed plants can feature an array of different colors. Although it’s a rare phenomenon, coming across an ebony weed strain is a sight for sore eyes.

These gorgeous inky nugs have specific genetics that alter their hue. Read further to learn more about the exact compounds that affect the colors of marijuana plants.

We’ve also listed the top five strains if you want to try these dazzling black buds. Discover which cannabis cultivars are the best and most beautiful for your black cannabis journey.

Let’s dive in.

What gives some cannabis plants their dark coloration?

The color of cannabis plants depends on a few factors.

The primary reason is due to the presence of flavonoid phytochemicals called anthocyanins. These compounds produce red, blue, purple, or pink buds.

There are over 500 anthocyanins, each resulting in a wide range of hues. Here are the primary ones, along with the colors they produce:

  • Pelargonidin: Produces orange hues, depending on pH levels.
  • Malvidin: Shows up as purple, red, or blue weed, depending on pH levels.
  • Delphinidin: Creates pink or reddish nugs in acidic conditions, sometimes appearing blue in rare circumstances.
  • Cyanidin: Shows purple or red hues when the hydrogen concentration is under 3.0. The colors turn blue if the pH is above 8.0.
  • Peonidin: One of the most stable anthocyanins. Creates deep blue when the pH is high and neon red when it’s low.
  • Petunidin: Results in dark purple and red shades.

The primary job of anthocyanins is to protect marijuana plants from harmful UV rays and pathogens. They also act as an antifreeze, which prevents the crops from becoming too cold.

If you notice brown-colored weed, there could be an issue with your crops’ growing conditions. Cannabis plants lose color and start to fade when there aren’t enough nutrients, which signifies the buds may be dying.

Besides anthocyanins, what else causes different pigmentation in cannabis crops? Genetics and environmental factors also play a large part in the plants’ hues.


Black cannabis is often a result of genetics. Cultivators find strains with high concentrations of anthocyanins and breed them with similar variants to preserve the dark hues in future generations.

Find ebony strains by choosing a cultivar with “black” in the name or one with a recessive phenotype. The primary reason breeders create marijuana plants with this color is for the appeal of the gorgeous buds.

Environmental factors

Besides genetics, the most significant factor that influences color is the pH balance. Cannabis crops generally prefer soil with acidic conditions. In these cases, the buds create red or orange strains. If the earth is neutral, more blue-like shades appear.

  • Soil pH: High pH levels result in deep plum colors, often resembling black. Keep the pH balance at 5.8–6.8 for these dark purple strains.
  • Temperature: Colder climates affect the hue of your marijuana buds. When the temperatures drop, the plant produces less chlorophyll, the compound that provides green pigments. Cool conditions result in more anthocyanins, creating black strains.

What parts of a weed plant can turn black?

Anthocyanins exist throughout your cannabis crops’ anatomy. The plants can turn dark on every surface, from the stems to the leaves and buds.

In most cases, the hairs on marijuana buds are typically brown or orange. The trichomes remain silky, being brighter in white cultivars.

black weed

Black weed characteristics

Pigmentation doesn’t affect the potency of weed buds. You may notice a pattern amongst ebony nugs due to breeders creating strains with specific, often recurring, genetics.


Some users report that black weed strains have elevated psychedelic effects and higher THC levels, but it depends on the genetics. Darker variants are mostly associated with indica genetics, though you may also find sativa varieties with ebony pigmentation.

Taste and aroma

Black cannabis cultivars tend to have fruity, berry flavors and fragrances. When looking at existing ebony variants, most have sweet, spicy, nutty, and earthy scents and tastes.

Tips for black cannabis

If you notice your cannabis crop going black without any changes to the conditions, take action immediately. Always ensure an ideal environment for your plants to avoid lasting damage.

5 black weed strains that are worth trying

It’s good to know all the details about dark weed strains, but what are the best cultivars to choose from?

We’ve broken down the top five variants that fit within the category of black buds below.

1. Black Widow

Experience the potent Black Widow feminized bite as you consume this hybrid strain. It has insane THC levels of around 25% with a CBD of 0.7%. This cultivar’s parents, Brazilian Sativa x South Indian Indica, bring about the best of both worlds.

Thick with sticky resin, Black Widow buds draw you in and tangle you in a web of exciting fragrances. These nugs have sweet pine and berry flavors with matching deep purple and black hues, making this cultivar one of the best looking strains.

If you’re a fan of psychedelic highs, Black Widow takes you on the trip of a lifetime. You experience a calming cerebral buzz and soothing numbness in your head. Your mood elevates almost instantly as the effects fill you with euphoria.

Best suited for veteran tokers, Black Widow’s powerful sensations are nothing to mess with. Keep a handful of snacks nearby, as munchies are a certainty. You may experience some couch-lock, so consume in moderation to avoid side effects.

Black Widow Strain Info

2. Black Domina

Black Domina feminized is highly potent, with an impressive Afghani x Ortega x Northern Lights x Hash Plant lineage. This indica-heavy variant has 18% THC and 0.3% CBD.

The gorgeous buds are dark purple and green, resembling a deep shade of ebony. These black cannabis strain buds have dense, frosty trichomes. The nugs give off sweet and spicy aromas with summer fruits and fresh citrus notes.

Consuming Black Domina is a serene and carefree experience. With just one puff, you lift up and relax on a cloud of sweet smoke. A relaxing buzz travels from your head, down your spine, and into your fingers and toes.

Fill with a warm fuzzy feeling, while a dreamy haze soothes your thoughts and mind. The effects aren’t overwhelming, and they eradicate unwanted emotions. As the high calms down, find yourself overcome with giggles.

3. Black Jack

With a name similar to the iconic actor, it’s no doubt that Black Jack autoflower is a favorite among 420 enthusiasts. These buds are potent, with THC levels at 23% and 1% CBD. This strain has an epic lineage of a Black Jack clone x Autoflowering Sweet Afghani Delicious.

These black weed buds have dark purple hues, bright orange hairs, and deep amber trichomes. Black Jack nugs have a musky fragrance of pine and earth tones. Inhale delicious floral scents mixed with tobacco and sandalwood.

This potent strain needs no more than a few puffs to get you going. Feel your head become heavy and hazy, turning into euphoric, uplifting emotions. Allow Black Jack to alleviate any negative mental or emotional stress.

The sativa genetics come through with classic creative effects. Take on a new project as you fill with energy and inspiration. You may even notice all your tension and aches fade after consuming Black Jack.

Black Jack strain info

4. Sugar Black Rose

Sugar Black Rose feminized is an indica-dominant hybrid with 18% THC and 0.2% CBD. It comes from a rich lineage of Critical Mass x Black Domina.

Sugar Black Rose is a dark strain with purple-green hues and neon orange hairs. Break apart the flowers and breathe in fresh floral scents. The nugs give off a spicy-sweet aroma, tasting like fruit-flavored candy.

Sugar Black Rose hits hard and fast, so be prepared. Your body envelops in a calming buzz, the soothing sensations preparing you for bed. You become heavy and couch-locked, so it’s best consumed after a long day.

Look on in awe as vivid colors surround you, sending you into a dreamlike state. Due to the potency, always toke in moderation. You may feel dizzy or have a headache, but you can easily combat these undesired effects with plenty of water and food.

5. Black Hulk

With epic Black Afghani x Bruce Banner genetics, Black Hulk feminized produces buds with gorgeous ebony colors. This hybrid strain has 18% THC and 0.3% CBD levels.

The fan leaves have deep jade hues with nugs to match. Flowers grown from Black Hulk are a mesmerizing black shade and smell like fresh, pungent berries. Note hints of cream and spice on your exhale, followed by an earthy aftertaste.

Black Hulk smashes your problems away with the first hit. Consume this black marijuana plant and experience a sedating body high and uplifting cerebral buzz. You may even feel pain relief.

Enjoy energizing sensations from the sativa genetics and tranquil aftereffects from the indica side. Your thoughts are clear and cheerful, accompanying relaxed and loose muscles. Drowsiness is a possible side effect, so consume Black Hulk when ready for bed.

The blackest bloom

Anthocyanins are present in all kinds of plants and are mainly responsible for pigmentation. Each cannabis strain is predisposed to have a specific amount of these compounds, resulting in different colorations.

If you have a black weed plant, it may indicate that the crop has many anthocyanins. Other factors that can influence the hue include the pH level and temperature.

Now’s the time to try out dark-pigmented cannabis strains. Head over to our store for cannabis seeds that suit your every need. We have regular deals, so keep an eye out for any epic specials.


With all that information in mind, you may have some burning queries. Read on for the most frequently asked questions.

What is the darkest cannabis strain?

According to 420 enthusiasts, Black African Magic is the darkest cannabis cultivar. It’s a rare black weed variant with distinct ebony hues. It’s potent in effects and flavors, making it a lucky find.

What is the THC content of black strains?

Black marijuana strains have a variety of THC levels. Most ebony cultivars have a tetrahydrocannabinol content of 18–25%.

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