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7 White Weed Strains You Need to Try

August 15, 2023

Although there are many vibrantly colored cultivars, white weed strains remain popular. Many attribute the bright shades of weed to natural pigments, but that isn’t always the case with pale cultivars.

Various factors play an important role in what a weed plant looks like and whether it displays a rainbow or chalky color. Continue reading to discover how white weed gets its look and find seven of the best white cultivars available.

Let’s jump in.


What causes white colored weed strains?

Some people are unsure about white marijuana nugs, as they don’t have the usual green appearance. There’s nothing wrong with these buds. Interestingly, even the most colorful strains start off with a light, pale color.

There are several reasons why a cannabis plant could turn white.

As harvest time draws near, the shade of the plants may change. You could end up with orange, purple, or blue weed. Potent buds, loaded with resin, typically appear fair and frosty because of the trichomes packed with cannabinoids

white cannabis buds

The light reflects on these crystal formations, resulting in a whitish look. Many users say these light-colored cannabis strains are considerably potent. 

The shimmering display of pistils, or hairs, might also make the plant more colorful. Certain strains may appear as amber or red-colored weed. 

The presence of flavonoids and anthocyanins also contributes to the different hues, often producing pink or purple cannabis. An excess of the latter compounds may even result in black cannabis.

Another reason for white-looking weed is plant stress. When placed too close to a heat source, the buds can burn, resulting in an ashy appearance that later turns brown.

Mildew is a common disease in white crops. It becomes visible when the nugs and leaves turn a light pale color. The powdery substance that forms gives them this shade. 

Albino weed also causes a white appearance. This phenomenon occurs when the plant has insufficient chlorophyll. It inhibits the crop from growing, as it’s unable to manufacture its own food. 

Marijuana plants can display characteristics of albinism, but not be albino. Factors such as the environment and genetics impact the creation of this shade of cannabis. 

The presence of marijuana phytochemicals and other biological compounds greatly affects the color of marijuana plants.


Which parts of a cannabis plant can turn white?

Various parts of weed can be white, depending on the reason for the color.

With albino weed, the entire plant is a pale hue due to a lack of chlorophyll.

albino cannabis
Albino cannabis bud

If you have moldy weed, only the leaves and the buds develop light spots. These powdery blemishes are almost impossible to remove once they set in.

Another condition that gives cannabis a white appearance is bud rot. This disease spreads from the inside and could appear as dusty spores on the stems. 

White strains of weed with high levels of resin typically produce pale buds. Trichomes on the stems could make this part of the plant develop a chalky shade as well. 


What’s unique about white weed strains?

Provided there’s no sign of disease, white-colored weed strains boast many unique characteristics.

These fair pigmented cannabis cultivars are prominent among tokers, as they believe white cultivars are the most potent. Orange strains typically have elevated THC levels as well.

Another special quality reported by growers is that white-colored strains have little to no pronounced aroma or flavor


7 best white strains of weed you should try

There are several white marijuana strains available. They’ve all received various accolades and industry recognition for their impact in the 420 community.

Let’s look at seven of these fair beauties and what they offer below. 

1. White Widow

This white cultivar is an indica-dominant hybrid and well-known around the globe. White Widow feminized originated from combining two landraces: Brazilian sativa and South India indica.

Its name reflects in its famous white buds. White Widow is renowned for its abundance of trichomes. It boasts THC levels around 18–25% and delivers deeply sedative properties.

Consume it at the end of a long day to unwind or chill with friends. Mild doses induce a surge of energy and elation, while overindulging could leave you couch-locked. Remain hydrated to avoid cottonmouth and dry eyes. 

It’s relatively easy to grow this white cannabis cultivar, making it suitable for novice and experienced cultivators.

White Widow Feminized
White Widow Feminized

2. White Russian

A cultivar with a large fan base, White Russian feminized features moderate to high THC levels reaching up to 22%. It’s no wonder that this fierce strain is popular among recreational users, and the medical marijuana community enjoys its intense and relaxing qualities.

This white marijuana cultivar has a stellar reputation in the 420 community. In 2005, White Russian won a prize for best indoor marijuana, and in 2013, it received an award in the extracts category. Its success comes as no surprise, considering its origin. 

This indica-dominant hybrid developed from the fusion of White Widow and AK-47. Its light color is a genetic result and reflects in its crystal-like buds. Growing White Russian doesn’t require much effort and is rewarding for all cultivators.

3. White Rhino

Like their namesake, White Rhino feminized seeds develop into sturdy crops. This white cannabis strain is loaded with resinous buds, which is the reason for its high THC levels of up to 26% and potent effects.

White Rhino is the offspring of White Widow and an unknown indica. A few puffs of this award-winning cultivar leave you feeling relaxed and free from any inhibitions. 

Consuming small doses could lift your spirits, but avoid overindulging, as its psychedelic effects may leave you feeling sedated. 

Medicinal users reportedly use it to ease insomnia, arthritis, and migraines. Novice tokers should exercise care when using this powerful cultivar, as it may cause potent effects. 

White Rhino feminized
White Rhino feminized

4. White Amnesia

White Amnesia feminized is a popular strain among cannabis enthusiasts, both recreational and medical. Amnesia Haze and Afghani, both renowned prize winners, come together to form this sativa-heavy hybrid. It boasts bright green leaves and snowy white buds

It’s one of those white weed strains that knows how to pack a punch. The THC level hovers around 18–20%, while CBD is only a meager 1%. One puff tantalizes your taste buds with a herbal pinewood flavor, sweet undertones, and a spicy aftertaste.

White Amnesia’s aroma complements these mixed flavors and contributes to the uplifting and energizing effects. If a boost of confidence is what you need, then this cultivar is the answer. 

It allows you to express yourself freely, and once this surge subsides, you experience a sense of calmness and tranquility. Insomniacs report that these relaxing qualities hugely benefit them.

5. Great White Shark 

Great White Shark seeds originate from the combination of three strains: Super Skunk, South Indian sativa, and Brazilian sativa. This cultivar is as powerful as its namesake, boasting up to 24% THC.

It’s not a cultivar that novice users should experiment with. You experience a state of complete euphoria and exhilaration after one or two puffs

A feeling of complete relaxation and a state of passiveness often follow, so Great White Shark is best suited to evening consumption. Exercise caution, as overindulging could leave you feeling anxious or dizzy.

Great White Shark feminized
Great White Shark feminized

6. White Fire OG

The physical appearance of this white strain, featuring white, snowy-like, ice-capped mountains, describes its heavy laden trichomes. White Fire OG is highly sought after in the medical community for its wide range of therapeutic effects. 

Some users report the buds grown from White Fire OG seeds may treat chronic pain, glaucoma, and various other conditions. Those with symptoms of stress and anxiety attest to finding relief when consuming this cultivar. 

Recreational users enjoy the energetic and uplifting effects of this white powerhouse. Also known as WiFi OG, this indica-leaning hybrid has THC levels of 24–28% and is best suited to experienced users. 

7. Snow White

Considered a real beauty among marijuana plants, these white, candle shaped buds are heavy with resin. Snow White auto seeds produce plants as beautiful as the name describes. White Widow together x Northern Lights birthed this mesmerizing strain.

Its THC content averages 19% with only 1% CBD. It delivers well-balanced effects that benefit all tokers. Its soothing physical effects allow you to feel relaxed when you need it the most, while its mild cerebral qualities free your mind, amplifying creativity.

This white weed strain’s versatility allows you to use it any time of the day. Its earthy, woody aroma will remind you of the fairy tale character in the magical forest. The flavor also reflects nature’s contribution with its nutty and floral notes.


White cannabis: Vibrantly white

Your cannabis buds could be white for several reasons, but it’s usually due to the presence of trichomes.

These resinous structures display a frosty appearance, giving the buds a snowy look. In some cases, the hue could also be due to diseases, while other nugs develop a white color due to genetics.

The color white typically symbolizes vibrancy. This description is appropriate for these strains, as many believe their effects increase energy and vitality.

If you’re ready to bring some sparkle to your life, check out our range of white weed seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co. and start your cultivation journey today. 

White Pistils on Marijuana Bud

FAQs about white marijuana

Do you have any other questions about these pale-colored cannabis cultivars? Get expert answers to common queries below.

How is cultivation of white cannabis different from other strains?

While growing white weed strains is fairly straightforward, some cultivars might need more attention. Cultivating these fair beauties indoors is always a win-win situation. You have more control over the environment and a higher chance of obtaining an exceptional harvest.

How do white weed strains compare in terms of aroma and taste?

It’s reported that several white cannabis cultivars have almost no aroma or taste. However, each strain has a unique flavor and smell, depending on the growing conditions and genetics. Some white cultivars deliver noticeable fragrances and tastes.

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