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Reggie Weed: Effects, Risks, & Whether You Can Smoke It

July 21, 2023
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Have you ever heard of reggie weed? Although it may not be as potent as other types of weed, it has some unique attributes. If you’re curious about this weed variety and want to know more about what it can do, then this guide is for you. 

Stick around as we explore the various effects of reggie marijuana on your mind and body. We also investigate the risks associated with its use and determine whether you can smoke it.

Let’s begin!

What is reggie weed?

Reggie weed is a slang term that refers to low-quality or cheap weed. Growers often compress it into a brick shape, making it easier to transport and store.

Cannabis connoisseurs usually consider this variety less desirable due to its lower potency and harsher taste. It’s commonly found in states with limited access to high-quality products due to cannabis being illegal.

Despite its reputation, reggie marijuana can still provide a mild high and may be accessible for those on a tight budget. The quality and safety of reggie pot can vary, so it’s always best to get it from a reputable and trustworthy source.

Mid Grade Weed

How do you know if cannabis is reggie?

It’s essential to know what cannabis looks like in order to differentiate between a high-quality bud and a lackluster one. 

This section will guide you on identifying low-grade weed, sometimes known as brown weed.

What does reggie weed look like?

What does reggie weed look like? It’s brownish-green, with dry and crispy to-the-touch leaves. The buds are often tiny and compressed, with visible stems and seeds. It’s commonly small and leafy, with a lackluster appearance compared to high-quality strains. 

Its quality is considered subpar, andreggie weed’s THC content is often around 10–15%, giving it minimal potency as well. In weed terms, it’s typically called regular, schwag, or dirt weed. 


The highest quality weed nugs are generally solid and covered in stickiness. Brick weed feels like a letdown when you hold it between your thumb and index finger. Reggie buds have a porous structure with a hay-like texture and lack firmness and trichomes.


Similar to mid-grade cannabis, reggie buds have a less potent flavor than their high-quality counterparts. The low levels of THC and lack of terpenes could be the reason for the nugs’ slightly harsher taste.


Reggie weed’s smell doesn’t contain the fruity, woody, herbal, and gassy characteristics of top-grade weed. Inadequate drying and curing techniques lead to the evaporation of volatile monoterpenes, resulting in a stale and musty aroma.

Does reggie weed get you high?

Reggie cannabis has minimal amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound responsible for the “high” sensation.

Many people wonder if reggie buds can make them high. Although it’s possible, the effects of these nugs aren’t as potent or long-lasting as high-quality weed

Consuming it may not provide the same therapeutic and recreational benefits as high-quality weed strains. You might need to ingest more to achieve the desired sensations.

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Reggie weed effects 

Despite its low quality, reggie marijuana is still capable of producing various effects. Its primary sensations include mild euphoria, relaxation, and an increased appetite. Some users also report feeling more sociable and talkative after consuming it.

Therapeutically, it may be helpful for those experiencing mild to moderate pain, anxiety, or stress. It reportedly has anti-inflammatory properties, benefiting those with arthritis, lack of appetite, and muscle tension.

While reggie weed’s effects may not be potent as high-grade weed, it could benefit those seeking a milder experience. Those with more severe conditions may require a more powerful strain with stronger effects.

Reggie weed side effects 

Consuming reggie pot could lead to dry mouth, paranoia, nausea, or dizziness. You may also experience a rapid heartbeat and increased blood pressure, potentially resulting in heart palpitations or cardiovascular problems.

Smoking reggie weed may irritate the lungs and cause chronic respiratory problems, including coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Although rare, reggie pot is also linked to decreased cognitive function and may increase symptoms of depression and anxiety. 

Reggie weed’s side effects can be harmful, so be careful and always consult a healthcare practitioner before consuming it.

Is reggie weed worth smoking?

When deciding whether reggie buds are worth smoking, opinions are mixed. Some argue that this regular-grade marijuana provides a decent high for an affordable price. Others believe it isn’t worth the risk and choose to spend more on high-quality nugs.

The decision to consume this type of marijuana is a personal one that depends on individual preferences and priorities.

It’s important to note that using any form of weed comes with side effects. Do your research and consult with a healthcare professional to see if reggie weed is good or worth smoking for your needs.

Brown weed

How to prevent your marijuana from turning into reggie weed

Preventing reggie weed takes some planning and effort, but it’s undoubtedly worth it. Here are some steps you can take to grow top-shelf weed:

  • Start with the right genetics: Choose a cultivar that’s known to produce high-quality flowers. Different weed colors, like purple, can indicate the quality of the strain.
  • Give your plants enough light: Marijuana plants need ample light to grow properly and produce high-quality buds. Make sure they get at least 18 hours of light a day during the vegetative stage and 12 hours in the flowering phase.
  • Control humidity: High humidity can cause mold and mildew, potentially ruining your crop. Ensure your grow room has proper ventilation and use a dehumidifier if necessary.
  • Don’t over-fertilize: Over-fertilizing your plants can cause them to grow too fast and produce lower-level buds. Use a high-quality fertilizer and read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid growing reggie weed.

By following these steps, you can prevent your plants from turning into low-grade weed crops. 

Reggie marijuana: Friend or foe?

Some consider reggie to be a friend, while others see it as a foe. Everyone’s opinion is personal and depends on their unique circumstances.

Due to its lower potency, you may need to consume more reggie weed to achieve the desired effects. This might lead to increased consumption and potentially harm your respiratory system, along with other side effects. 

While reggie buds may offer advantages in terms of affordability, it’s best not to overlook their drawbacks. Why not consider high-quality cannabis strains instead?

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What is Mid Grade Weed?


Looking for more insight? Discover the most frequently asked questions about this weed type below, with our expert answers.

Is reggie weed sativa or indica?

It can be challenging to determine whether reggie weed is sativa or indica, as it’s often a mix of different genetics. The consensus is that it’s typically a blend of both due to the euphoric and relaxing effects.

Can you grow good weed from reggie seeds?

It’s possible to grow good weed from reggie seeds, but it’s not a guaranteed outcome. These seeds are typically low quality, so the chances of getting a high-grade plant are relatively low.

What’s the difference between Reggie, Kush, and Dro?

Reggie, Kush, and Dro all have varying potency levels and prices.

  • Reggie is low-quality cannabis with minimal potency and is often associated with low prices. 
  • Kush is a highly potent strain characterized by its distinct flavor and aroma and is more expensive than reggie is.
  • Dro, short for “Hydro,” refers to strains grown in hydroponic systems, resulting in higher potency and a more intense high.

What can I do with reggie cannabis besides smoke it?

Besides smoking reggie cannabis, you can also create edibles out of it or grind it to gather the trichomes and produce hash. It can also be vaporized, used in tinctures, and applied topically as oil or lotion.

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