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Heat Resistant Strains: Best Strains To Grow In High Heat

December 7, 2022

The best strains to grow in high heat evolved to suit scorching environments. If you live in an exotic, balmy, tropical location, high heat and humidity are a way of life. It’s the same for cannabis plants and marijuana growers.

Read on to uncover our top ten cannabis cultivars for toasty climates. These sun-worshippers love the warmth and won’t need sunscreen or a hat.

Let’s dig in.

Why grow heat resistant strains?

Although most marijuana crops prefer warm, sunny, and dry weather patterns, some weed plants favor hotter conditions than usual. These strains flourish in environments that cause most crops to experience cannabis heat stress.

Indica-leaning seeds typically grow into short and bushy plants with fat-fingered leaves. They respond well to cool conditions with less available light. Sativa-dominant crops stretch more, with long, spread-out branches and thin-fingered leaves that suit high heat and sunny climates.

Some cultivars don’t respond well to chronic heat and high UV sunlight. The ideal temperature to grow weed varies between strains and different genotypes.

10 Best Strains To Grow In High Heat

Let’s explore the top ten strains for hot climates. 

Durban Poison feminized

The sativa-heavy Durban Poison is from the east coast of South Africa, where long, warm, and moist summers provide the conditions it needs. This landrace cultivar is among the best strains for a hot, humid climate.

Durban Poison feminized

Durban Poison feminized is sought after for its energetic and uplifting high. It’s the perfect inspiration for creative tasks or motivation to get some household chores done.

These cannabis seeds develop rapidly in organic soil and hydroponic setups, resulting in tall plants indoors and out. The light-green, slim-fingered leaves are typical of sativa genetics.

They take 8–9 weeks to complete the flowering phase, after which growers can harvest 17% THC nugs coated in trichomes. Durban Poison has limited CBD levels.

Harvests of 16 oz./m² are possible in prime indoor conditions. Reap 17–21 oz. of earthy, sweet buds per outdoor plant.

Chocolope feminized

A mix of Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze, this sativa-rich cultivar is an unsurprising addition to our list. Chocolope feminized is comfortable in hot, humid conditions under the bright, shining sun.

Some cultivation experience is helpful, as this strain needs a structured nutrient regimen to fulfill its potential. The plants can grow seven feet tall and spread their branches wide. Low-stress training and pruning may be necessary, translating to extensive blooming and heavy output. 

This cultivar provides bountiful harvests in warm, sunny conditions. After 10–11 weeks of flowering, indoor growers can look forward to yields of 17 oz./m². Outdoors, you can expect 21–24 oz. of chocolate bud per plant.

Chocolope feminized

Chocolope feminized boasts a chocolate aroma with a hint of coffee. Some consumers wake and bake with this strain, as the high THC levels and uplifting, energetic effects boost motivation.

Purple Thai feminized

This sativa-dominant combination of Mexican and Thai genes produces a colorful treat. Purple Thai thrives in warm and humid conditions and is one of the most popular heat-resistant strains.

It’s the offspring of pure sativa Highland Oaxaca Gold and famed landrace Chocolate Thai, resulting in towering plants with highly potent buds.

Purple Thai feminized

Purple Thai feminized seeds grow plants that may reach up to eight feet tall indoors and an incredible 20 feet outside. Advanced cultivators recommend utilizing the Screen of Green (ScrOG) method to combat height problems.

These plants flourish in the tropical heat their parents call home. After 9–10 weeks of flowering, indoor cultivators can reap 16–18 oz./m². Outdoor growers can glean almost 20 oz. per plant of prime purple nugs.

Social wallflowers love the mood-boosting effects that ease social interactions. Purple Thai is energizing; some use it to wake and bake to kickstart their day. The cerebral buzz lasts for hours, and the added vigor helps those battling fatigue. 

Pineapple Haze feminized

Pineapple Haze feminized

A storied blend of Pineapple and Haze, this strain develops tall, high THC plants that perform well in warm climates.

These crops progress efficiently and soar up to eight feet tall, so indoor growers usually employ topping to restrict vertical development. Pineapple Haze feminized is one of the best strains for a hot, dry climate.

Some cultivators prefer to use the Screen of Green method, which involves weaving shoots through a net, making them grow laterally. Indoor farmers can collect 21 oz./m² of pineapple bud after 10–12 weeks of flowering.

Outdoor crops can be massive, and growers multiply the colas by topping or fimming. When harvest occurs in late October, you can score 21–25 oz. of potent nugs per plant.

This strain boasts the fruity flavor of Pineapple in tandem with the uplifting effects of Haze. The 15–22% THC value varies due to nutrient uptake and environmental conditions.

Bubblegum Haze feminized

A cross of OG Bubblegum and Pure Haze, this sativa-dominant cultivar produces multicolored buds with a 17–20% THC range. 

Unlike most of its genetic counterparts, it has a relaxing profile that makes it perfect for lazy evenings after work. If sativas are like coffee, Bubblegum Haze feminized is like hot cocoa. 

These cannabis seeds grow enormous plants up to ten feet tall, providing a generous yield of sugary, sticky flowers. The crops are comfortable in high heat and UV conditions or drier climates.

Indoor rewards at harvest time are around 14–21 oz./m² of candied cannabis buds. The flowering stage is only 8–10 weeks long. Outdoor farmers can collect massive yields of 25–35 oz. per plant. The colossal crop structure can carry epic helpings of bubblegum buds.

Gorilla Glue Lemon feminized

This hybrid strain combines the attractive traits of Gorilla Glue #4 and award-winning Super Lemon Haze. Gorilla Glue Lemon plants prosper in hot or arid conditions, making this cultivar one of the best strains to grow in high heat.

GG4 donates sticky resin deposits and stratospheric THC levels of 27%, creating a relaxing, euphoric, and uplifting response. The second parent is a two-time Cannabis Cup winner that bequeaths its lemony citrus tang and an energetic buzz.

We don’t recommend Gorilla Glue Lemon feminized seeds for novice growers, as some experience is necessary for success. These weed crops love hot and humid conditions, thriving outdoors and reaching up to seven feet tall in suitable climates. 

If growing indoors, ensure sufficient vertical space and consider topping or scrogging to level the canopy. In optimum circumstances, you can gather up to 17 oz./m², while outdoor farmers can reap up to 18 oz. of prime sticky lemon bud per plant.

Gold Leaf feminized

Gold Leaf cannabis seeds produce high-THC marijuana buds with a piney, sweet aroma. They contain mostly indica genetics, which is a rarity on this list. Marijuana Grow Bible author Robert Bergman created these seeds but kept the lineage secret.

Gold Leaf feminized

He aimed to develop a strain combining a sativa cultivars height with many popular indica traits. Bergman wanted to produce an easy-to-grow and potent strain, and Gold Leaf feminized achieved those aims. The plants can grow up to seven feet tall and produce heavy harvests. 

The result is a yellow-tinged cultivar with buds that turn gold during drying. Indoor growers can harvest 16–23 oz./m² of these golden nuggets. Outdoor cultivators can see even heavier yields, as much as 28 oz. per plant.

Afghan feminized

Afghan feminized hails from the Hindu Kush mountains bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan. These resilient, squat plants are among the best strains for desert climates. They develop heavy outputs of quality buds and can handle high temperatures almost as well as cool ones.

This classy cultivar grows indica-heavy nugs with powerful sedative effects that could result in couch-lock. This original legend boasts 20% THC levels that designate it a potent strain you should treat with care.

The earthy, spicy scent carries floral hints and subtle notes of pine to form an understated fragrance. 

Novice cultivators can grow Afghan feminized seeds successfully. The plants are short, maxing out at around four feet tall, but they bear fat buds and may resist cannabis light burn. Indoor growers can reap nearly 16 oz./m² after just 8–10 weeks of bloom. 

Some prefer to grow outside in a Mediterranean climate with dry, warm conditions. In optimum setups, outdoor farmers could harvest 21 oz. of epic bud per plant. Trichomes turn cloudy at the end of October in the Northern Hemisphere.

Critical Blue feminized

This cultivar blends the genes of Critical and Blueberry to form an indica-dominant strain with high THC levels and generous yields of colorful nugs. Critical Blue is one of the best strains to grow in high heat.

The fruity flavors of citrus and blueberries infuse the intense, skunky aroma. The 23% THC readings indicate high cannabinoid and terpene volumes that excite medical marijuana adherents.

Critical Blue feminized provides initial euphoria and upliftment that many ascribe to its sativa lineage. Once the cerebral boost eases, relaxing indica sensations take over. It leaves you chilled out and de-stressed, couchbound, and comfortable.

These cannabis seeds can be tricky for inexperienced cultivators. Extra work is required, especially toward the end of the life cycle. The plants are short and bushy; you probably need to do some pruning and low-stress training to keep air circulation active. 

Indoor growers can collect about 14 oz./m². Outdoor harvests yield a considerable bounty of 28 oz. of fruity bud per plant.

Big Sticky Feminized

Big Sticky combines the genetics of two of the cannabis world’s most notorious names. Sativa-leaning Green Crack is renowned for its psychoactive buzz, while sativa-dominant Amnesia Haze is cerebral but doesn’t make you forgetful.

The result is a mellow, mostly-sativa cultivar. Big Sticky feminized seeds grow into weed buds that deliver motivation and inspiration. The strain offers creative, euphoric, and uplifting effects but also calms and relaxes you.

Big Sticky is one of the best strains for hot, humid climates, but it can be challenging for novice growers. Conditions that aren’t complementary can cause mold or infestations, and the crops also require plenty of space and development time.

Plants can grow up to five feet tall, and side branches may need support. Growers often use high and low-stress training methods to improve outputs. Topping reduces height, while some insist the Sea of Green (SOG) technique swells production.

Indoor cultivators can expect a 10–12 week flowering phase, with yields of 21 oz./m² possible. Outdoor farmers can look forward to substantial harvests, with 24 oz. of plump, resinous buds per plant. 

The heat is on

That’s a wrap on our ten best strains to grow in high heat regions. The traditional sativa genetics win most of our votes, while indica varieties are outliers in our heat-loving list.

Some of these cultivars produce mammoth plants with generous yields that are sure to satisfy. Most enjoy long summers with extensive vegetative phases that provide a robust crop structure to carry the heavy harvest. Flowering may take longer to fill out the compact buds.

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