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Skunk Strain Information & Review

Skunk Strain

The Skunk strain is one of the most influential cannabis varieties on the planet. You can find its powerful genetics in countless crossbreeds, making it a highly sought-after herb.

Users love Skunk strains for their high-hitting indica effects and easy to grow marijuana plants.

At Homegrown Cannabis Co., you can purchase various Skunk seed types, including autoflower, feminized, or regular. This way, it’s possible to grow marijuana plants in a way that best suits you.

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the Skunk below.

Skunk strain

Like we mentioned, the Skunk strain has bred numerous new varieties over the years. Some examples include OG Skunk, Skunk #1, Orange Skunk, and Lemon Skunk.

Here’s an overview of the Skunk strain autoflower profile:

  • Type: Hybrid
  • THC: 13%
  • CBD: 0.2%
  • Top reported effects: Euphoric, creative, relaxed
  • Top reported flavors: Earthy, sour, pungent
  • Flowering time: 10 – 12 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner
  • Indoor Yield: 1.64 oz/sq ft
  • Outdoor Yield: up to 3.5 oz/sq ft

Skunk Strain description

The Skunk strain’s history goes back to the 1970s. It was produced by Sam the Skunkman, founder of the Sacred Seeds. After crossbreeding diverse cannabis plant genetics from Pakistan, Afghanistan, South America, and Asia, the group created the iconic Skunk #1 strain.

In the early 1980s, Skunkman took some Skunk #1 strain seeds to the Netherlands. Dutch breeders continued to experiment with the Skunk strain, resulting in some of today’s most popular varieties like Jack Herer, Northern Lights, Early Girl, and Super Skunk.

The Skunk is predictable, consistent, adapts easily, has a short flowering time, and is highly potent. By introducing a Ruderalis cross, breeders produced a Skunk autoflower version with slightly lower THC levels.

Orange Skunk Feminized Bud
Orange Skunk Feminized Bud

Skunk flavors & effects

This cannabis plant’s name derives from the animal known for its eye-watering liquid sprays. Skunky essentially means stinky. This is a sour Skunk strain that produces earthy and pungent fragrances that resemble the smell of roadkill.

When you take a toke, you can expect to taste those same flavors. Sometimes, you may even catch a hint of lemon. Then, get ready to feel the wonderful physical and mental sensations the Skunk strain manifests.

The first few puffs will induce elation and ecstasy. You’ll likely feel intense joy and see a noticeable improvement in your mood. This doesn’t last too long, and after a couple of minutes, the next sensations begin. Your body will begin to feel calm and relaxed, and you’ll seamlessly melt into a warm puddle.

More experienced smokers can take advantage of the increase in creativity by pursuing art-related activities. As always, start slow if you’re new to the world of weed.

Skunk strain grow information

Skunk strain seeds are great to begin your growing journey if you’re a novice breeder or don’t have the time to care for your crop. This marijuana variety is revered for its easy cultivation and uncomplicated needs.

To make things easier, you can plant autoflower Skunk seeds. This way, you never need to worry about changing the light schedule or checking the gender.

A fully grown Skunk cannabis plant can reach up to 3.9 feet, yielding 1.64 oz/sq ft indoors and up to 3.5 oz outdoors. This cultivar produces thick and dense buds with glittering trichomes, requiring 10 to 12 weeks to flower.

You can plant your Skunk strain seeds outside and inside, but we recommend growing indoors. This way, you can protect them from the elements while controlling the entire setup. If you give your autoflower cannabis plant around-the-clock light, you can harvest maximum yields.

Outdoor growing requires some planning. You need to time the germination period correctly so that your Skunk strain seeds reach their potential before the cool months begin. It’s also vital to sync the autoflowering period with the sunny days of June and July, allowing up to 3.5 oz of fresh buds from every cannabis plant.

Skunk strain genetics

There are dozens of Skunk cultivars available on the market today. You can encounter crossbreeds like theSuper Skunk strain, the Orange Skunk strain, and the Purple Skunk strain.

The original Skunk strain was Skunk #1. Here’s a diagram that represents its ancestry:

Afghani (Indica)

Skunk #1 (Hybrid)
Acapulco Gold (Sativa)
Colombian Gold (Sativa)

Skunk strain seeds to buy near you

If you live in a state that permits marijuana growing at home, you can head over to our online store at Homegrown Cannabis Co. and purchase some Skunk seeds right away.

We have a wide selection of popular Skunk weed seeds available, including:

Apart from these exciting varieties, you can also purchase cannabis seeds that contain the legendary Skunk genetics:

Skunk Autoflower
Skunk Autoflower

Skunk strain reviews

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about the Skunk strain seeds they purchased from our online store:

Chuck D. – Orange Skunk Feminized

The best company I have ordered from and the seeds are of the best quality, My go to for the best.

Champ B. – Orange Skunk Feminized

So far everything is going great. 100% germination and can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months. Also super easy to order and shipping was faster than I was expecting.

Jennifer W. – Orange Skunk Feminized

Awesome seeds!!!!

Eduardo D. – Super Skunky Jack

Sprouted one, popped in 2 days, in coco by day 4. Growing faaaaast.

DG – Skunk Autoflower

Super fast shipping, received faster then expected, bought 8 received 8 free , I went ahead and germinated 3 and all 3 popped and they went in final pots and before 930 this evening I had 2 with first set of baby greens , expecting the third by morning, I’m stoked for sure, HGCC are the best by far


The Skunk strain is a sought-after cultivar as its potent genetics have been used for crossbreeding with countless cultivars. Connoisseurs love its intriguing mix of sensations experienced throughout the body, mind, and spirit.

Skunk strains seeds were bred with various cultivars, producing incredible cannabis plants such as; Lemon Skunk strain, Super Skunk, and Island Sweet skunk strain to name a few. The iconic genetics provide easy cultivation without complications.

Skunk weed is an extremely diverse strain, and cultivators use these seeds to produce larger yields of cannabis flowers. Suppose the Skunk strain review has captured your taste buds. Join us as we explore frequently asked questions about this legendary strain.

Another way to get expert advice is to join our forum, which will provide the latest tips and tricks from a community of growers.

Is skunk an indica or sativa?

Skunk strain seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid with 65% indica and 35% sativa genetics. The well-blended strain produces gorgeous buds with bright orange hues and, when smoked, takes you on a relaxing trip of bliss.

Skunk strains indica-leaning nugs radiate through your body as it induces delightful ecstasy that eases you into a state of peace and comfort. Experienced users can take full advantage of its euphoric effects by channeling that energy into creative tasks.

Not long after feeling the vibrant spark induced by the Skunk cannabis strain, sensations will start to simmer into a mellow flow. You can take advantage of its soothing qualities by combining your smoke session with a meditation practice or yoga flow.

What is the most potent skunk strain?

Skunk strain seeds have been bred with various strains over the years, creating exquisite strains that produce higher THC levels.

One of the most potent Skunk strains is the Lemon Skunk strain, which produces 22% THC. Lemon skunk cannabis positively enhances thoughts and invigorates the body.

These feel-good buds are a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, and it’s believed to be created from crossbreeding Dutch Citron and Skunk #1. Skunk cannabis strain had won many awards and gained more recognition when it made the High Times top 10 in 2009.

Lemon Skunk marijuana provides a burst of zesty flavor that leaves wanting another toke of its irresistible taste.

It’s best to take it one toke at a time as its high THC can motivate you to focus on out-worldly ideas. Schedule some time to enjoy Lemon skunk cannabis and explore dimensions beyond the physical while receiving its wellness benefits.

How strong is skunk strain?

Skunk strain seeds have bred numerous versions, creating potent cannabis strains with high THC levels. The Skunk strain autoflower produces a 13–15% THC level, giving you a euphoric rush accompanied by a creative flow. The medium potency of skunk cannabis makes it a perfect candidate for daily use.

Due to its indica-dominant genetics, it’s best to spark up post-work to enjoy the sedating sensations fully. Skunk strain weed may assist in combating mood disorders, chronic pain, and eliminating stressful thoughts. Cannabis Skunk strain provides more than enough THC to tickle your fancy and keep a level head for users with a low tolerance.

How much CBD is in skunk strain?

The skunk cannabis strain generally produces a CBD content of less than 2%, offering potential relief to tension building up in the body. This cannabis cultivar is not overly intoxicating and offers well-balanced effects.

Many skunk strains may offer generous wellness effects such as; relieving tension in muscles, increasing appetite, alleviating mood disorders, and a joyful attitude.

What is the best skunk strain?

It might be difficult to decide the best skunk cannabis strain as each embodies many amazing qualities. But there is a clear leader due to its impressive effects, growth time, and gorgeous hues.

The Super Skunk strain is a classic, directly linked to Skunk #1, and produces a 20% THC level. This cannabis cultivar is a fantastic way to decompress after a long day as it banishes stress and revitalizes your body.

Soon after smoking these buds, you will feel an intense buzz fill your limbs, eventually dissipating, feeling calm and refreshed. This cultivar is the perfect option for an evening of relaxation and releases foggy thoughts. Super Skunk produces a high THC level, so it’s best to stay hydrated and keep a bottle of eye drops for dry eyes.

Where does skunk strain come from?

American breeders created the powerful Skunk cannabis strain in the late 70s by crossing Afghani, Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold genetics. Today, most popular cannabis strains contain a bit of skunk heritage.

What does skunk strain taste like?

Skunk strain is a straight giveaway; after sparking up, you can expect an intense aroma of earthy smoke that smells almost dirt-like to linger in the air. 

Skunk cannabis strain radiates an overwhelming scent, and it does offer hints of sweet and sour citrus that dance on the tongue after inhaling the creamy smoke. On the exhale, you’ll get a bitter taste that catches your tongue, though soon a rush of its wonderful effects.

What does skunk strain smell like?

The dominant terpene in skunk strain weed is myrcene, with subtle hints of limonene and pinene, giving it an aromatic peppery scent. Once you break up these buds, you can expect an intense sour smell to linger in the room.

This cannabis strain indeed has a distinguishable reek, though its scent will not be an issue after lighting up. Many marijuana tokers revere skunk strain as the effects completely outweigh its pungent aroma.

One whiff of the Skunk strain is all it takes

It’s hard not to adore Skunk. This famous cultivar is easy to grow, contains some of the best genetics, and produces mind-blowing effects thanks to its hybridized traits. Once you become accustomed to its aroma, we guarantee that you’ll quickly fall in love with this stoner staple.

If you want to grow your own weed plants, you’ve come to the right place. At Homegrown Cannabis Co., we supply a wide range of Skunk strain seeds, including autoflower, feminized, and regular.

To stay on track with your crop growth, make sure you join the Skunk Homegrown Diaries. Here, you can record your cannabis plant’s progress and get tips on how to maximize your yield. 

Plus, don’t forget to check out our Homegrown Forum, an online space dedicated to providing breeders with accurate and detailed information on cannabis cultivation. Happy growing!

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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