Triangle Kush Strain Information & Review

Triangle Kush Strain
Author avatar By Derek LaRose
July 13, 2021

The Triangle Kush strain is a relaxing Indica hybrid that’ll stimulate your creativity. It’s all about sinking into the couch and floating toward the clouds. The citrusy, woody flavor will glide down your throat as you sit back and enjoy the earthy aromas

Ready to know more about this incredible hybrid and enjoy its chilled-out sensations? Read on for the ultimate guide on the Triangle Kush weed strain – let it soothe your mind and heighten your creativity. 

Triangle Kush (OG Triangle Marijuana Strain)

The Triangle Kush strain packs a potent hit: perfect for you to unwind after a long day or get some well-needed relief from chronic pain and inflammation

Before digging deeper into the effects, let’s take a closer look at the Triangle Kush cannabis strain info and break it down.

Triangle Kush Strain Information

Triangle Kush description

The Triangle Kush (Ind) strain gets its name from its origin: The Emerald Triangle in Florida. This part of the world produces high-quality buds that have become an absolute favorite. 

When you take a hit, expect to experience a pretty intense high. You’ll feel like you’re sitting on a cloud but also get a burst of energy that’ll kick your fatigue to the curb.

If you’re looking for some creative inspiration, the Triangle Kush weed strain can bring out your flair while helping you focus on specific tasks

This cannabis breed is wonderfully elegant, with dark green buds and glowing amber hairs. A dusting of crystal white trichomes adds the finishing touches.

Patients looking to medical marijuana for help with conditions like chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, muscle spasms, anxiety, and glaucoma will find the Triangle Kush cannabis provides the kind of relief they’re after. 

Triangle Kush Strain Feminized Flower
Triangle Kush Strain Feminized Flower

Triangle Kush grow information 

If you’re new to the cannabis gardening world, you might need to look elsewhere for now, as the Triangle Kush strain is renowned for being a little tricky. This breed needs plenty of upkeep to remain vigorous and healthy.

Luckily, the Triangle Kush strain is a hardy weed plant and can handle harsh weather conditions. Keep the climate warm and rich in carbon dioxide for your marijuana to flourish and thrive. Don’t let the temp rise above 88 degrees Fahrenheit.

These cannabis plants tend to grow tall, so stay on top of clipping and pruning and consider a SOG or SCROG method if growing indoors. This strain does well outdoors and requires less maintenance as long as you live in a hot, dry area.

Your Triangle Kush strain seeds will take around 10-12 weeks to flower, and you can expect about 10oz of bud per plant. This might not seem much, but most growers will agree that the euphoric high is well worth the effort.

Triangle Kush Fem Bud
Triangle Kush Fem Bud

Triangle Kush genetics

If you’re asking yourself, ‘what is the dominant strain in Triangle Kush?’ check out this fascinating origin tale.

The soothing Triangle Kush came about by accident when a young weed grower in Florida smuggled some Hindu Kush cannabis seeds back from Amsterdam in 1989.

A couple of years later, he germinated those seeds and introduced his marijuana plants into his lightroom. One crop turned hermaphrodite and pollinated a whole room of the Emerald Triangle strain.

The emerging cannabis seeds were to play a massive role in weed genetics in the USA. One became Triangle Kush, and the other OG Kush. 

Triangle Kush Strain Genetics

Triangle Kush seeds to buy near you 

If this Triangle Kush strain review is revving you up for a smoking session, it’s time to buy some cannabis seeds and get growing. The Homegrown Store offers a massive variety of weed seeds from which to take your pick. 

Those of you looking to experience Triangle Kush parentage, check these out:

  • Hindu Kush Regular: A pure Indica hailing from the rugged mountain range from which it was named after, Hindu Kush is local to the region between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  • Hindu Kush Feminized: With high THC levels, Hindu Kush has the potential to deliver a crippling full-body knock out in large doses .

Let the Triangle Kush strain take you to the clouds

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You’ll also find a ton of valuable articles and growing info to help you sprout an excellent harvest. Marijuana enthusiasts everywhere can’t get enough of this irresistibly euphoric, relaxing strain; it’s time to see what all the fuss is about.

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