Parents Getting High With Kids In The House: Yes Or No?

Parents Getting High With Kids In The House Yes Or No
January 06, 2020

Even with the legalization of cannabis in many different places and its rising popularity in the medical field, the herb remains contentious. If mothers and fathers used it, the act immediately connotes irresponsible parenting. These parents are then subjected to social isolation and prejudice from the law.

Today, easing restrictions have resulted in a surge of parents utilizing the plant for its soothing qualities. However, with a liberal cultural shift, comes a period of unclarified scientific and moral questions. The main issue is whether getting high around children is safe and beneficial or damaging. While the answer may seem apparent, the abundance of positive anecdotal report states otherwise. If used correctly, indeed, it may make caring for children a less daunting task

Parenting And Cannabis Use

Apart from providing needs, ample interaction and communication play a pivotal role in rearing children. It may all sound easy. In truth, however, it entails sleepless nights and years of sanity hanging by a thread. As a result, many parents often experience mental struggles such as depression and anxiety. Some, in the efforts to stay afloat and functional, turn to cannabis for its therapeutic and calming properties.

Parents Smoking Marijuana

While the medical potential of cannabis is immense, its psychoactive effect shows the plant in a bad light. Moreover, its complicated legal status makes it difficult to study the impact of its use while parenting. Thus, the exact outcome of parental marijuana use is still largely unknown.

With little scientific clarification, the stigma surrounding cannabis use in aid of parenting remains. In many states in the U.S., evidence of getting high around children is enough to sound the alarm of Child Protective Services. Hence, parents often consume the psychoactive herb in private and with complete discretion.

Benefits Of Psychedelic Parenting

Based on testimonies, the benefits of psychedelic parenting are extensive even it’s comes to the life-changing responsibilities of new parents. It helps break down the monotony of spending too much time at home as well as the tedium of daily errands and activities such as cooking, cleaning, and rearing kids. Hence, creating a peaceful, happier, and stress-free environment for parent-child interaction.

Furthermore, it is believed to alleviate mental torments like postpartum depression plenty of new mothers suffer from. Consequently, making an excellent substitute for mood-stabilizing pharmaceuticals like Zoloft and Lithium which have psychological consequences to babies when used by breastfeeding mothers.

Repercussions Of Parents Getting High

Despite its many benefits, getting high while parenting has its disadvantages. To avert drawbacks, make sure to smoke far away from children. Keep weed products inaccessible, and always consume with caution. Moreover, if weed consumption is producing disadvantageous effects towards child-rearing, immediately stop.

  • Ramifications Of THC Exposure On Children. Whether due to naivety or sheer carelessness, exposing children to cannabis smoke could lead to serious implications. Even if the dangers of secondhand smoke have not been thoroughly researched, several studies suggest it contains harmful particulates. Thus, it is better to keep such potent fume away from the kids. A recent study observed that mice exposed to secondhand cannabis smoke demonstrated impaired endothelial function. Whereas an examination conducted in Colorado on children hospitalized due to bronchiolitis from 2013 to 2015 concludes 16% were exposed to weed fume. Meanwhile, another analysis determined that unintentional ingestion by youngsters may lead to  sudden onset of lethargy and ataxia.
  • Dangers Of Parent-Child Interaction While High. While cannabis acts as a mood-stabilizing medium for many parents, the risks of negatively impacting a child remains. A study on the interrelationship of cannabis use and parenting found that the use of the psychedelic herb offset the benefits of protective personality. As a result, children suffer from less parental nurturing as well as inadequate family structure. The research likewise states that parental cannabis employment has detrimental repercussions on establishing a warm, loving relationship along with rule-setting.

Consider CBD Alternatives

Often, the conflict with cannabis use and parenting is the mind-altering effects that plant entails. Hence, consumption is frequently done when the children are either away from the household or asleep. However, anxiety and other mood compromising disorders are persistent even in the presence of a happy child. Fortunately, opting for CBD results in a quick, non-psychoactive solution to this predicament.

The use of Cannabidiol produces a multitude of benefits that can be harvested in an array of ways. It is available in a variety of quickly ingestible forms such as edibles and tinctures. Thus, making it ideal for parents who are always on-the-go. Ultimately, this therapeutic compound is an excellent alternative to its THC yielding counterparts.

  • Reduces Anxiety And Depression. CBD for anxiety and depression by activating the serotonin receptor in the endocannabinoid system. Hence, opting for this alternative can assuage the negative mental manifestations parenting brings.
  • Helps Treat Substance Abuse. A history of substance abuse should not a be a precursor for irresponsible parenting. However, battling personal issue does make it a very daunting endeavor. Fortunately, CBD can aid in putting an end to alcohol, tobacco, and even heroin addiction.
  • Lower Risk Of Bacterial And Viral Infections. One of the many responsibilities of a parent is maintaining a healthy body. Being prone to sickness could result in having less presence and energy. Hence, consuming a few drops of CBD oil may reduce the risk of bacterial and viral infections by fortifying the immune system.

12 Rules For Parents

Taking pleasure with cannabis while rearing children is no doubt frowned upon. For this reason, most parents in places where the herb’s use is legal still choose to keep this endeavor private. Whether to divulge or not is a personal choice. Making sure no one is compromised, however, is necessary. The following rules aim to ensure the parent and the children’s safety and wellbeing.

Rules: Do's and Don't

1. The Children Are The Priority

The benefits of cannabis may be crucial to overwhelmed parents, but toking should never come first. Children must always be the priority. Granted that the mental stimulation could be beneficial, it should only be sought if needed. Moreover, the dosage must be kept to a minimum lest the effects become a distraction or overwhelming. In some cases, anything more than a very subtle high could already impede parents from completing tasks or attending to urgent matters.

2. Keep It Discreet

It is essential to keep the consumption of cannabis as discreet as possible. The skewed perception against the herb may put the family in a legal battle or social exile. Hence, it is critical to leave weed use as a private matter or something to be shared only within the 420 community and those with non-judging minds.

3. Don’t Drive When High

Driving while under the influence of weed is reckless. But, doing so with a child on-board isn’t only irresponsible parenting but also an absolute case of child endangerment. One of the side-effects of getting high is impaired motor skills and spatial judgment. As such, going behind the wheel significantly compromises the safety of everyone in the vehicle. Only consume the herb if staying in one place. If there is a need to go elsewhere, have someone not intoxicated drive.

4. Smoke While Out Of Sight

Woman smoking weed at home

Exposing children to the act of smoking cannabis should be out of the question. Secondhand smoke may negatively impact a child’s development. Also, from the eyes of a child, parents serve as role models. The blatant display of combusting the herb may initiate underage marijuana use. While cannabis consumption is not explicitly wrong, this is a potentially life-changing decision that should be made upon reaching adulthood. Moreover, the lack of maturity may also cause dependence due to improper use.

5. Don’t Toke Around Other Parents and Children

Toking around other parents and children creates a negative public perception. In some cases, it can even lead to an alarming call from the Child Protective Services. Social isolation for the child from other children whose parents are opposed to cannabis use may also take place.

6. Don’t Smoke While Pregnant Or Breastfeeding

Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers should avoid cannabis consumption. As THC is disseminated through the bloodstream, the compound could spread to the womb or breastmilk, putting the child at risk. It may impede brain development, cause other mental and bodily harms, or lead to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

7. Keep The Household Tidy And Organized

Cannabis use does not hinder parents from caring for the children. It should also not a cause for neglecting to keep the household clean and organized. Making sure the abode is presentable affords mothers and fathers a good image that may already be tarnished due to the use of weed. Most importantly, a tidy home is also a healthy place for both the kids and parents.

8. One Parent Should Stay Sober

Taking Deep Breathe

If both parents use cannabis, it is essential that one stays sober. It ensures that one adult can provide a quick, coherent response in case of emergencies such as accidents. Additionally, if one goes overboard with the dosage, the other can help manage the high.

9. Always Use The Right Variant

Depending on the strain, a cannabis variant may couchlock or invigorate. Hence, using the right one is critical as a parent cannot be melted on the couch while the kids are running about or be full of energy in the dead of the night when everyone is asleep. To do this, use the right kind and only experiment when an adult can supervise the children. For starters, the limb-melting effect is often associated with Indica strains. On the other hand, Sativa strains tend to share an enlivening kick. Don’t let a mere tag be the ultimate deciding factor, though. To find a suitable yet satisfying variant, trying it out is the key.

10. Enjoy In Moderation

As with all drugs, consuming in moderation is essential. Excessive use may provide an over the moon high which may temporarily be fun. However, it may also result in reckless parenting and disastrous events. It may also lead to physical and emotional detachment, which, in the long run, may negatively impact a child’s mental development towards attachment and relationships.

11. Keep The Weeds and Toking Materials Away From Children’s Reach

Children are such curious beings. They search high and low for everything and nothing. Should buds and paraphernalia lying around be found, ignoring would be the last idea in their inquisitive little minds. They may end up eating cannabis buds, breaking devices such as bongs, pipes, and rigs, or toying with the butane torch. Moreover, kids may also mistakenly indulge in weed-infused snacks and drinks. To avoid incidents such as an accidental high, injuries, or even house fire, keep cannabis products out of sight and locked somewhere safe.

12. Accept That The Secret May Be Exposed

Parents Cannabis smoking

As the old axiom goes: “no secret remains hidden forever.” Hence, parents must acknowledge that the passion for cannabis may be a time bomb waiting to explode. It may cause confusion and misunderstandings especially if the kids are old enough to know what the plant is. If handled correctly, though, adverse reactions may be subdued. Educating children about the exact nature of the herb is essential. Be transparent and mention its benefits as well as possible harmful upshots.

Yes Or No?

Although often overshadowed by its mind-altering effects, the therapeutic potential of cannabis is immense. The plant is also so versatile that it can be employed in making parenthood less challenging. If used for such purpose, consuming with caution is of utmost importance. Adhering to the rules of the experienced is also crucial. Ultimately, like all other approaches, the success of this undertaking relies on doing it right.

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